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ukturk-grid.info:8002:Airport 0 Users
Welcome to Stanway Airport with its terminal, runways and tube station. Visit the check in area, the arrivals hall and the customs hall and chill out in the Airport Lounge. This region is still under construction but almost complete. If you are looking for freebies then many of the items are availab...
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ukturk-grid.info:8002:Boatyard 0 Users
Welcome to the Boatyard. An entire region dedicated to boats and ships of every kind. Most are copy. Have fun. Thank you for visiting the UKTurk Boatyard.
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ukturk-grid.info:8002:England 0 Users
Visit the Lake District in the United Kingdom. Take a walk around the Stately Manor and the new High Street. There is also a large Garden Centre with many freebies. Make sure you visit for all your trees, plants and flowers requirements. From the visitor centre you can move on to Wales, Lond...
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ukturk-grid.info:8002:Freebies 0 Users
A Linda Kellie Mall like you have never seen it before. We have had the decorators in and added much more content. Outside there is a new free shopping area with a large selection of freebies. The UKTurk Grid is not a commercial concern. Neither does it use currency or have malls on its regions....
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Hogwarts Forever
ukturk-grid.info:8002:Hogwarts Forever 0 Users
The Hogwarts Forever var region has been banded around opensim for some time now but people still like to visit and we have added a few changes. Very much still work in progress as we update this region.
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ukturk-grid.info:8002:Istanbul 0 Users
Visit the residential district of Istanbul. There are some very nice houses here which you can rent for free. Take a stroll in the park gardens and listen to Turkish music while you relax in this tranquil environment. There are also some shops to advertise your own products or even your own grid. Fo...
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ukturk-grid.info:8002:Izmir 0 Users
Visit this small corner of Izmir ( Smyrna ), with its small beach, shops and hotel. You can even rent an apartment here for free if you are looking for somewhere to stay. This region is still under development so it is constantly being improved. There are some freebies here too!
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ukturk-grid.info:8002:London 0 Users
Visit London city on the UKTurk Grid. You will arrive at the main square in front of Buckingham Palace. This region also features the Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge and the London Eye in the background. There are also some freebie fashion shops for men and women's clothing as well as a bath...
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ukturk-grid.info:8002:Motorworld 0 Users
Welcome to Motorworld on the UKTurk grid, an entire region dedicated to transport with most items available for copy. A large selection of British, German, European and American vehicles as well as utility trucks and equipment. If you have any items that you would like to contribute please don't hes...
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ukturk-grid.info:8002:Pirates 0 Users
Take a look at this re-vamped pirates caribbean region which now includes a castle, a tavern and some addition items that add to the overall theme. We are still making improvements and if anyone has any good pirate outfits please let us know we would be happy to offer them or feature them on our pir...
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ukturk-grid.info:8002:Residential 0 Users
There are four residential holdings in this region. One is a Christmas themed project with freebies for the Christmas season and the other three are currently waiting for owners. There are two large mansions and wooded areas for the taking and also an area set aside for anyone who wants to run a far...
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ukturk-grid.info:8002:SandBox 0 Users
Sandbox. Building Supplies -Sandbox Area 4 hour auto return. Re designed Linda Kellie Sandbox with a large collection of new items. Feel free to use for your projects and creations. Have fun!
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ukturk-grid.info:8002:Scotland 0 Users
Visit the wild highlands of Scotland and the fantasy enchanted forest with its humble abodes, caves and Laird's castle. Stroll around the dark forest areas and explore all the hidden gems tucked away inside this very detailed region. Welcome to Scotland.
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ukturk-grid.info:8002:Wales 0 Users
Welcome to Wales - Croeso i Cymru. Visit our Welsh village settled between the mountains with its huge furnished castle. A small mining town with housing and some industrial buildings. Wales is a beautiful green country with an ancient Celtic history and its own language which is taught in the schoo...
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ukturk-grid.info:8002:Welcome 0 Users
The UKTurk Grid Welcome Area. For a taste of a British and Turkish community, we have some interesting regions with a freebies centre and towns and cities from the UK and Turkey. Be sure to visit the freebies centre. Thank you for visiting the UKTurk Grid.
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West Midlands
ukturk-grid.info:8002:West Midlands 0 Users
Welcome to the West Midlands region. Still very much work in progress but you get a feel of the place with its Victorian buildings, warehouses and narrow streets. Check out the hospital and the pub. The West Midlands is known as the heart of the Industrial Revolution. The city of Birmingham is the U...
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Emerelda99 posted a comment in the region Motorworld
Hi Mike. We would never do that knowingly. Your builds were bought from your Kitely shop by the owner of our grid so we were careful to make sure that...
2 months ago
Emerelda99 posted a comment in the region neustadt
This is a very nice place. Please visit. Lots of nice things and some very interesting places to visit. Thank you Lilith Angel and Jana Tenk, Dies i...
4 months ago
Emerelda99 liked the region neustadt
4 months ago
Emerelda99 liked the region Mukonos KavoParadiso
6 months ago
Emerelda99 posted a comment in the region Mukonos KavoParadiso
What a cute little place. It looks just like the real Greek Island. I know it is Mykonis but it reminds me of Santorini too. Beautiful Greek Islands....
6 months ago
Emerelda99 posted a comment in the region Big Rock Pub
Market Place is really good and an alternative to just visiting malls all the time. You can get your own store here too and the folk are very friendly...
6 months ago
Emerelda99 posted a comment in the region Imaginaire-de-Ieko-18
This is a delightful little oasis of calm and tranquility with a Victorian theme. There are some very nice buildings that have been adapted and re tex...
6 months ago
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