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Pömsigland, the home of the Pömsig Family, is a collection of 4 4x4 varsims which is connected to the Zetaworld Sea, 10.2 sq kms of ocean. We have a large collection of boats, both motor and sail, and we use real world weather settings in Lightshare (Windlight). Many of the boats are bwind based and...
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Pomsigland East
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Pomsigland East is a lovely area being developed for explorations and role playing. Visit the volcanic caverns, or the Maze Island. Go hiking in the mountains or have a long swim. There are some small shops too with free stuff.
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Dude. Where's the quality alternate content then? Why can't you post links there? Oh, yeah. that's why.
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Not sure why, people seem to be coming round with no issues now.
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