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Creator of Quintasensual and Quintonia and part of the team behind Queer
Spirit festival.

I'm based in the UK so mostly work in GMT!


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Cnayl Island Island 0 Users
A gay / queer / LGBT friendly place to hang out, meet, chill and explore, part of the Quintonia estate. We have some freebies of course and more things to come soon as we are still in the process of creating, but do come along and see how we are getting along. We have some hypergates to other re...
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Luxgrave 0 Users
We are just starting to build the Luxgrave playround - a place where you can ride boats, horses and dragons, or perhaps chill in the swimming pool We also plan to have some steam rooms and other gay friendly adult spaces! Part of the Quintonia estate, an LGBT grid.
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Mintor 0 Users
Art and nature come together at Mintor. Take a horse to trek through the park, visit the active volcano on Tronim mountain, see the latest exhibition at the art gallery. - part of the Quintonia estate this is an LGBT friendly place.
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If you've set up the region as listed on here then you can set an event from the region page which will show for all users of this website, but I don'...
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Can be easy to miss the navigation system that gets you to the various places but good when you do.
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