Tranquility Welcome
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Tranquility Welcome...the place to start, starter avis, freebies, free homes for new residents. Land for sale/rent up to 4x4 VAR regions. Also new home to Car Wash and Top Hat nightclubs.FREE STORES F...

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LyudmilaPavlichenko The Harbor posted an update
Container 201800524 arrival @ The Harbor. Enjoy! ;)
8 hours ago
YouCa GridLife HyperGate posted an update
Planning to setup few new regions for residents who are willing to have their plot for free. This will be a feature for active GridLife residents. Some part of land possibly will be given in use perm...
23 hours ago
AlmaMiranda EXPO SACRARIUM posted an update
May 23, Miss Sacrarium 2018, the most beautiful Competition of the year in opensim, COME, Sacrarium Grid 12:00 SLT
2 days ago
aztec8888 Seaside Dreams posted an update
A new vegetable garden has been planted!
2 days ago
aztec8888 Gallery No.8 and Town Center posted an update
Spring and Summer fun! Please visit the Gallery for new art work! Tonight 5/22/18 New movies are available at the Lodge and The Beach House. In addition, a new live concert will be shown at the Roving...
2 days ago
Bigmike01 LBIND MainLand posted an update
we are currently remaking and resizing the sim to a var region.. bare with us as the construction continues
2 days ago
Panthera Brittia Plaza posted an update
Panthera Grid is a young grid and we have region land selling for $4.90USD for 20000 prims as well there are other regions of any sizes on website.. Welcome centre offers freebies, furnitures, hangou...
3 days ago
JimmyOlsen Tromso posted an update
FLORA HUDs PACK NOW FULLPERM! Rez all sort of trees, aquatic plants, shrubs, flowers at ur sim and change seasons with a single click! 22th MAY18 VERSION now is FREE and FULLPERM - U are even autho...
3 days ago

kaibaer kaibaer posted a photo to the region TPW-Club
2 hours ago
MrMan MrMan posted a photo to the region Swingers
4 hours ago
Monica Monica posted a photo to the region Frozen
4 hours ago
CalUnholyAngel CalUnholyAngel liked the region SENSATION CITY
5 hours ago
Freya12 Freya12 posted a review of the region AlpLake
Thank you so much, i have been looking for ubode physics to convert boats cars planes etc for ages :)
6 hours ago
CalUnholyAngel CalUnholyAngel liked the region Wright Plaza
7 hours ago
SkyFlier SkyFlier posted a review of the region Le Dias
Very imaginative and fun region to visit, with vivid surreal steampunk imagery and role play
8 hours ago
CalUnholyAngel CalUnholyAngel liked the region Stonehaven
8 hours ago
SkyFlier SkyFlier liked the region Le Dias
8 hours ago
QueenOfNarnia QueenOfNarnia posted a photo to the region Narnia
9 hours ago
BartelBe BartelBe liked the region Hogsmeade
11 hours ago
Lariska Lariska liked the region The Golden River
11 hours ago
BartelBe BartelBe posted a review of the region Tancorien
Themed like a pro. This is a wonderful interpretation of the dark ages indeed. Loving the grandeur of some builds. Together with the fine details, playing at Tancorien gives you that temple experien...
12 hours ago
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