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Creations by Manwa Pastorelli and selected friends, quality products for free

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ManwaPastorelli 2 months
Emergency Update V4.3 Rez Pro System.

Huge bug in OS Found
Effects all objects with scripts in that contain touch_start events and self-removal.

touch_start event removed from items scripts in V4.3.

Please update to avoid this nasty bug which will let other people move your items in OS 0.9.

Earlier versions of OS do not have this issue.
oopsee 2 months
Super ... are more cool items than the Covey Rez Pro for FREE (or a donation) that brought me there. Not going to say what else ... just going to have to take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to see for yourself ;)))
ManwaPastorelli 2 months
ty for your kind words, please update to 4.3 as it contains an emergency fix to work around a nasty bug in OS 0.9
ManwaPastorelli 2 months
The Covey Rez Pro system can be used as a basic Pack and Rez system as found in many rez boxes. However, it is capable of a lot more than just being a rez box. This system can record and rez sets of items. For example, you might have different sets of furniture for a room. With the Covey Rez Pro system you can easily and quickly switch between them. That is not restricted to just something room size. That could be entire regions if you wanted. You also can rez and de-rez individual items. In addition to this it is designed with nested rez box's in mind. For example, you could have one rez box which contains 10 rez boxes. Each one can be rezzed and then automatically moved into place. Then you could rez all the items from it, a set of items or a single item.

There is a full Inbound and outbound A.P.I. which will allow a multitude of other functions such as using it as the rezzing add-on for a vendor. It also allows automated collection and repositioning of sim vehicles without the need to use temp rez as is the usual case now. Everything can be automated and triggered by other objects in a sim. So, it can act as a full scene switcher / Holodeck.

There are two rezzing modes. Relative which is the typical method for a rez box where the items will move around if the box moves. It also has absolute positioning which will return the items to their original position on the sim. The system supports SIM's of any size and will allow you to rez all the way up to 10 km high. Underground movement is possible as well if your Open Sim server settings allow it. Full checks are made to ensure you cannot attempt to rez an item outside the sim boundaries.

The whole system has been coded from the ground up to be used in Open Sim. It is designed assuming that items will be left out. Usually rez systems run a timer to detect movement of the rez box. So does this system, but it can be turned off. The memory requirements have been kept to an absolute minimum meaning there should be no adverse effect on your regions for using the system and leaving objects rezzed. Listeners are only turned on when they are needed and disabled when they are not. There is also protection against script resets (this can happen if the scripts are turned off at estate level). Most other systems do not have this because they were made originally for Second Life where that does not happen.

Have as many rez box's out on one sim as you like. Box's owned by other people will not interfere with yours at all. With your own the only limitation is that only one rez system at a time can be set to record. Even that is made safe so that when recording is enabled on one system any others in the same SIM will have recording disabled.

Convenient recording modes allow you to automatically pick items up if your Open Sim grid allows it. Or if it doesn't there is a manual mode as well which supports testing items to see which ones you have recorded.

The system is NON-DESTRUCTIVE for your items. Because it was designed for Open Sim from the ground up, it uses note-cards to store settings and positions in your items. This means the item description remains untouched. Since many items use that for their own purposes it means you can pack many more items than you can with other systems. This is also one of the reasons you can have nested rez systems.

Like all rez systems packing and rezzing no-copy items can easily end up with you permanently losing the item. Covey Rez system pro protects you against this by detecting it and refusing to record the item. Of course you get notified. When you are packing items you also have protection against dropping a script into the same item twice. Should you do this, the duplicate script will be detected and removed.

There are many other features to help you along the way, keep reading to find them all or just dive in and have a go.

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Five Stars plus ...Awesome !!! Went to pick up the rezzer to play with and silly vendor ... IM'd the owner and she came asap to help ... She fixed it up and was so kind and helpful. Can't wait to try this out and thanks so much for giving us this tech !!!
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