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This is THE PLACE for partying and friends in Kitely and all grids. A large island world, Caribou is non-commercial and here for fun, friendship and a bit of excitement. We welcome all adult AVs to our highly popular daily parties, old and new friends, always from 12 noon to 2 pm Kitely time. And yes, normally becomes crowded here.

In our search ads we say that the parties start at 13.30. This is just for your convenience as ads disappear from the list at the announced starting time. You will then still have time to come and enjoy the super music and nice company.

Our Party Beach with dancing on Mondays and Tuesdays, the Saloon with country and western on Fridays, and the Adult Castle courtyard on Sundays draw happy partygoers from all grids. Always from 12 to 2 PM. We are not a club but Caribou is our home and please therefore note that you will not find tip jars for the SIM. Your contribution is to come here, enjoy your stay and build friendships.

The Thursday parties at our Angels girls venue are for female and tgirl avatars except when they are at the pool area, then also male avatars are warmly welcome.

Our Pink Villa Area is a hub, home and adult playground for the TG and shemale community and all friends. Our Mistral's Beach Party Place at the Pink Villa invites all adult AVs to dance, fun and romance. Parties for all adults on Wednesdays and Saturdays, 12 to 2 PM.

Since way back in SL, Caribou and its people are loved for the warm and supportive welcome given to everyone - male female transgender shemale neko furry fairy ... - here you are what you feel you are or wish to be. Home and a sanctuary for all. If you want to settle down, please contact one of our owners or managers, or any Caribou community member.

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jeannelefavre 10 hours ago
When autumn is slowly coming and evenings get darker and nights colder I would love to move to Caribou here in Kitely! Second best thing is to try to be here every evening after long RL days...
angelicronin 10 hours ago
DJ Lora is really rolling back the years with her selection of oldies tunes at Angels girls only club come and see how many you remember
angelicronin 6 days ago
We at the saloon today with DJ Gertie shooting loads of tunes for you
angelicronin 13 days ago
You name it we got it lol we cater for all tastes here on Caribou and welcome everyone we try to please all so come along and just try us you will stay
Asteris 15 days ago
This is a great place for almost everybody to have fun, The people are very nice and the DJ's really Rock the place with fantastic music every day, There is so much to do here you can not get bored. YaaaY for Caribou Kitely.♡(♥)♡
Asteris 22 days ago
A Fantastic Place to belong to, Wonderful People and The DJ's O M G, their the BEST, great fun daily, great Place Period, come N See, you will love it too
becca_kershaw 1 months ago
Great Parties Great people a must go to place!
OttovonOtter 2 months ago
What sense does it make to say the party starts at 2pm when it ends at 2 pm? It took me 20 minutes to reach the grid (and I had to sell my data to the devil!) and now there is no party :(
MathildaStark 2 months ago
The partys are starting at 12 noon, as you can read in the description. No clue which "devil" you meant. Kitley is a nice and fast, maybe even the fastest grid. If you need 20 minutes to connect to the grid, you should ask your home-grid owner, if there are any technical problems with hypergrid hops.
yvonny 2 months ago
Beautiful place and very sweet owners who give you a warm welcome and they give every evening a party , i love it there.

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The only place to be to hear great tunes and be with great friends and all are welcome anytime as all tastes are catered for remember Virtual world means you can be who you want to be, join us every day 12 till 2 grid time
♡(♥)♡ Loves Caribou ♡(♥)♡ Nothing but friendly people and fantastic Music.
Nice, friendly and parties every day.
12 to 2 PM Dancing at the Caribou Western Saloon with DJ Gertie
23 Aug 2019 01:30 pm SLT
Note that we start at 12 PM - Wow are they popular our Friday Caribou Adult AV Dance Parties at our Western Saloon. Today DJ Gertie cannot be with us but we have found this great country music on the ...
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12 - 2 pm Adult Dancing at the Caribou Tgirls Pink Villa - All Adult AVs welcome
24 Aug 2019 01:30 pm SLT
Note that we start at 12 PM - Adult dancing at the legendary Mistral's Club, now in Caribou Kitely. Friendly and beautiful waterfront venue at the Pink Villa island, the welcoming sanctuary and meetin...
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12 noon to 2 pm Dancing at Caribou Adult Castle with DJ Sara
25 Aug 2019 04:06 pm SLT
Note that we start at 12 PM - Great way to celebrate Sunday - Dancing with the friendly and exciting Caribou Party Crowd at our Castle courtyard. DJ Sara makes sure that we enjoy the best music there ...
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12 to 2 PM - Summernight Dance at Angels Beach Caribou to DJ Lora's Favourite Tunes
26 Aug 2019 01:30 pm SLT
Note that we start at 12 PM - Favourite Tunes with DJ Lora today. Here the sea is blue, the winds are mild and the sand is warm - Caribou Beach in Kitely is the top place to start your week. The frien...
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12 to 2 PM - 60s Beat with DJ Gertie at Caribou Beach
27 Aug 2019 01:30 pm SLT
Note that the beach party starts at 12 PM - 60's Beat with DJ Gertie on the hot sands of Caribou Beach here in Kitely. The sea is blue and the sky is high and the famous Caribou Party Crowd is friendl...
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12 to 2 PM Love Songs and Dancing at Angelic's and Asteris' Home in Caribou with our own DJ Lora
28 Aug 2019 01:30 pm SLT
Starting today at 12 PM - Love Songs today and of course at Angelic's and Asteris' Home here in beautiful Caribou. Come join the family party and spend some time together with the friendliest crowd yo...
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12 - 2 PM - Golden Oldies Fem AVs Party at Angels of Caribou with DJ Lora
29 Aug 2019 01:30 pm SLT
Note that we start at 12 PM - Come meet other female girl and tgirl AVs at our famous Angels Girls Club in Caribou Kitely. What a great opportunity to dance, chat and spend some nice hours with the fr...
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