RB HangGliding

RB HangGliding
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3 months ago

Wow! Hang gliding! Come check us out! Its fun gret scene and much more! Come give it a try... You won't regret it. 3x3 region of smooth hang gliding.

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The Blue Gala fun!
2 months ago - 0 comments
The Blue Gala is back! OOOOH the sounds of Ballroom tunes, that gets you up and dance!
2 months ago - 1 comments
3 months ago - 0 comments
3 months ago - 0 comments

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JustynTyme 18 days ago
Great night! Ty all for being here.... Until next tyme
JustynTyme 18 days ago
Cha Cha your way to The Blue Gala, its not just slow music when you hear Ballroom, its music of all kinds... so what do you say? Come on over! Request a tune DJ Justyn will get it and play it! OOOOOW he will I promise.
JustynTyme 18 days ago
Happy Hour at The Blue Gala! There is a sign as you land. Click it and you'll be at The Blue Gala...
JustynTyme 20 days ago
Tonight is the HoeDown at the farm! 7pm pst til ? Your DJ Justyn will be busting out those toe tappin, boot scootin tunes!

So , round up some rowdy friends and lasso your way here tonight!

YEEEHAW! Oh lawd them bees are just chasing me! Im out! OUCH!
SexySabrina 25 days ago
The question is?
Do Blondes have more fun?
come over lets talk about it or Dance lol!
JustynTyme 25 days ago
yes! they do!
SexySabrina 25 days ago
Join us for dancing and romance at the Blue Gala, we have formal wear FREE,
see you soon!
JustynTyme 25 days ago
Come as you are folks! That's fine... come and enjoy yourself make friends.
AthenaDunn 25 days ago
Love to come hang with you all it is so nice and always lots to do on this region if you have not checked it out you should happy hr to start soon so head on over now woooo hooooo
CrystalRose 25 days ago
Oh my The Blue Gala I seen here is so elegantly done! Wow, I cant wait until tonight for the event. Justyn told me they have weekly sunday evening events here.
JustynTyme 1 months ago
Lovely location of The Blue Gala, a Must see! I'm spinning those Ballroom tunes!
I will play any request, so what do you say? Come on over for some elegancy :-)
SexySabrina 2 months ago
Opening of the Blue Gala, new location at the RB HangGliding, come on over,
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a must see georgous place to dance and have adventures and great fun people
Hang Gliding! Amazing place! Flying over the region and seeing things differently than just flying avatar. The region is beautifully done and like I said The Blue Gala is elegantly beautiful from above! Low lag as I have walked around too to see many places hidden things and the its breathless in ce...
Beautiful and Charming, A Great Place to Dance and Make Friends
No events
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AthenaDunn CrystalRose SexySabrina