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Event Region for Foundation Grid
Events are held in various clubs

If you have a special occasion and would like to host it for FREE at one of ten clubs available contact oni kiri @ Foundation Grid. Need a FREE DJ for your event?

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oh yeah ... free stuff to take and copy

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Oh Yes .. another NEW CLUB Street Scene Adachi Fetish Club Foundation Grid
28 days ago - 2 comments
New Adult Club - La Méchante Acachi Fetish Club Foundation Grid
1 months ago - 1 comments
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New Jazz Club Adachi Fetish Region Foundation Grid
1 months ago - 1 comments

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SteampunkSiouxsin 14 hours ago
Ed is Rocking the house :P
great music, great people.
MsCaladium 14 hours ago
The best place to be on Fridays!!! awesome tunes from Ed!! Chilli is amazing with friends....
ZoeBurke 14 hours ago
So much fun, DJ Edison it's spinning great tunes, come join us!!!
Pasha 8 days ago
Friday night Party the most fun have had in a long time
thanks Adachi
LouCypher 25 days ago
Party Time !!!!!
PowerOfGreen 27 days ago
The best parties are here. I so enjoy myself. everyone is laughing and talking all the way thru, the music is great. Thank you for the great times!
Postergirl 28 days ago
Love the people here , Love the music DJs are great and everyone is super nice but best of all the people make you feel right at home 100 stars !!!!!!!!!
SparkaphatDoobie 29 days ago
You must stop by Adachi's Clubs and enjoy an evening of the Hypergrid's best music with DJ Edison Rex. All the cool avis are doing it and they invited me and I had a lot of fun!
SteampunkSiouxsin 29 days ago
DJ Ed Rockin the house! come and play
Postergirl 30 days ago
AWESOME CLUB and great DJs and the people are so fun love you all !!!!!!!!!!
omoemo 30 days ago
i like meet so many nice people here ;))))
weeone 30 days ago
love this place
PowerOfGreen 30 days ago
The best club in metaverse!!! hugzzzzzzzzz great people and great DJs
SteampunkSiouxsin 1 months ago
DJ Edison is Rockin the house. for another hour. Everyone should be here playing with us
LouCypher 1 months ago
An the Always Hot Chili ;)
Postergirl 1 months ago
awesome club , Great fun good people and great DJs !!!!
LouCypher 2 months ago
Winters 2 months ago
This place is so cool
The blues club and shark club are wow !!
DJ's are really good and such a friendly welcome
LoraLynn 2 months ago
I went to Blues Club and had a great laugh with the host and DJ. Toured the Ball Room and The Shark Club. All are nice builds and totally unique clubs. There are three different clubs here working three different genre at different times and dates.
SteampunkSiouxsin 2 months ago
Fun place with Great People on Fridays!

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Friendliest event I have ever been to the club and tunes was awesomesauce
Agrees With Earnest. Always a great time. DJ ED was rockin the house.
This region just keeps getting better! fantastic venues and a friendly crowd. If you see an event on there get yourself along as you know its gonna be a great night.
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