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Welcome to our little touch of Egypt. The ORIGINAL Alexandria set in the time of Cleopatra. Here you can explore the village, where there are free rooms for residents to live with a 20 prim allowance. Palace & working garden. also there is a animal house & Alexandria library
also we have 2 clubs, Alexandria club & Painfully Divine Goth/Rock club. (music genre depends on dj.) also we have a nudist farm. all are welcome to visit roleplay & interact with this satyr farm setup. we will be adding & updating as we grow. please visit & join our group for further updates.Dj Panther also plays awesome tunes 24/7 so please feel free to tune in on His URL at.

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wicked 20 hours ago
Now, this is what sims should look like. If I did role play this would be the place I would go. They definitely put a lot of work into the place. Easy to tp around and friendly people. 6 stars..
nefertari 22 days ago
I actually enjoyed his place. A very well decorated sim. Egyptian style. A place you have to visit. They also have RP here.. too Kool.
Emmalena.Damour 22 days ago
Nice region
I enjoyed looking

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If you want a full experience of ancient Egypt this has got to be the place to visit, Awesome build, well thought out design and a joy to explore, 5 Star all the way.
This land is very beautiful: the detail is breathtaking. Very well done!
awesome place to roleplay your egyptian.
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