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Ruby - VIRGON. Asian region in Neverworld. Beautiful landmarks, parks, beaches. Several night clubs and openstages for parties. Every week we have some events. In Virgon we have a ridable horses, cars and bikes. Tai-chi animations, freebie shops, art-gallery. Several intimate places for privacy with your partner. Many places where you can take beautiful photos and have a good time with friends. Welcome to Virgon in any time!

Please note our simple rule: children avatars is strictly prohibited. Avatars from "sacrarium grid" is prohibited on Virgon and in all "Caprica family" and "Caprica Underground Mafia group" regions.

Photos & Posts
Touche Deejay. Techno Only. Sunday, Aug 18. 15:00 PDT (SLT) Touche deejay LIVE techno set at Virgon openstage (Teleports are in the world)
15 hours ago - 0 comments
CAPRICA Djay live at Virgon V-Club Aug 09 house, bass house, chicago house listen online @ mixcloud Stream sponsor: TDR
18 hours ago - 0 comments
Caprica djay at Virgon V-Club. Aug 16. Styles: House, NY Garage, UK Garage.
21 hours ago - 0 comments
Caprica Underground Mafia presents: SUMMER VIBES @ Neverworld Grid "Virgon V-Club". DJ's: Caprica Djay - House Touche Deejay - Techno Host: Caribia Zsun Afterparty LIVE at Touche Dance Radio Stream sponsor: Touche Dance Radio
3 days ago - 0 comments

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dreaminofhim 12 days ago
I am curious as to when I teleport there, I get disconnected and booted from the online grid, am I not able to come over from great Canadian grid?
Touche 11 days ago
GCG - frequent guests in Ruby. You may be on reboot of the region.
Caprica 12 days ago
Hey. Perhaps there was a reboot of the server. Access from your network is not limited.
dreaminofhim 4 days ago
we got it figured out after they restarted the region or sim, or whatever lol it worked just fine :) Thankyou :D
logansryche 19 days ago
I enjoyed the aptmosphere while walking aroung the region - very Japanese-ish(that's a good thing). Kudos to the creators.
Touche 19 days ago
Thank You so much for visit us! Your feedback and rating are very pleasant for us! And also, we like furs )
bebob 1 months ago
I likey ruby ruby dance dance whooooo
Summersfun 1 months ago
excellent dj, so pro love it
Touche 30 days ago
O'Yes-o'Yes! Caprica Djay - ROCKS! I Agree ) Thank you!
Winters 1 months ago
this club rocks !!!!
Touche 30 days ago
Thank you so much!
pennilane 2 months ago
beautiful club professionally staffed and lots of fun!
Touche 2 months ago
Many-many-many THANKS, Penni! We're working for you!

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