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Welcome to Breath in Freedom grid
Find all informations, the freebies shop, all about the grid and land marks for shopping and fun here...
get your free parcel, rentals, full access to Golden Shopping freebies mall, free shop, free avatar... make friends

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find a free place to set home, all furniture offered, free homes , outside bars and tubs….
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Dont stay alone on grids, it is so much fun when you can share… Breath in Freedom grid makes it easy for you to join groups and to meet others… We have fishing group, games group, and dating group… Many already found a partner joining the dating club, and yes they found a match and are so happy now ...
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dalgato 4 months
Looking for waterfalls and was hoping to see the ones you advertise but cant get there
HoneyBaudin 4 months
Hello .. What waterfalls are talking about ? the bathrooms waterfalls ?
dalgato 4 months
i have a landmark for waterfalls bathrooms and showers and it says my gird is banned
HoneyBaudin 4 months
well nobody is banned but region is set to group only, so closed for those who are not from our grid…. Reason why there is no more opensimworld beacon there.
MattoDestiny 5 months
Lovely sim, a pleasure to the eyes :)
HoneyBaudin 5 months
thanks a lot ;-)
HoneyBaudin 5 months
only one free 1/4 left for new ones… hurry up !
Adrian 6 months
That region Worth a visit…. Freebies, advertisements about all grid are just great… Congrats
Daddysbrain 6 months
The Welcome area now linked to those nice water region is just great…. All informations availables in big shops make it very simple for all. Fantastic work !
Goldenmoon 7 months
IN Silver Sonata club tonight
starting in few minutes with the fantastic Milly Mattercaster
She will sing in live !
Venez venez on commence dans quelques minutes
Milly va chanter pour vous !
Goldenmoon 7 months
When you buy a region here or a var, you can chose if you want it with grid money or Gloebits money it does not change the region prices…
For the free shops, some are on Gloebits shopping centers, others on Grid money Mall… and you can even have both so many shops all free...
HoneyBaudin 7 months
MORE, always more choice for free land, plots, houses, sky homes... 1/4 plots for résidents !
Find them at Welcome on the big boards and touch for LM to go to visit…
Ninabaxton 8 months
very good grid, and almost all is free for resident… thanks

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When a grid owner bann some people there is always a good Reason, be sure of it.
Why are avatars banned from certain grids ????
I love place with land ren and shoping
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