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Welcome Area, Startregion

HG Address: hg.metro.land:80:*Metropolis*

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The Welcome Area of the Metropolis Grid. Please update any HG Landmarks in your inventory to *ANY* Metropolis region, sincethey have Migrated to a new domain. The HG Address is: hg.metro.land:80:
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IsaJervil 3 months ago
Agora parece que já esta tudo bem.
IsaJervil 4 months ago
Infelizmente Metropolis, ficou impossivel se estar, nada se pode fazer rez, vem sempre a mensagem que nao encontra o assets. Equ perdi quase todo meu inventario, incluseve meu avatar tive que o fazer novamente.
Tambem nao sem pode mais acessar Metropolis a partir de outra grade, diz nao ter indentificacao.
Nao adianta enviar mensagem seja por email ou IM, pois naos se tem resposta.
É lamentavel ver de Metropolis hoje.
cayoun 4 months ago
Same failure, same problem. Metro ist wohl doch abgetaucht. Ich versuch jetzt seit Tagen die Sandbox dort zu erreichen, um einen Fehler in meinem Aufsteller zu korrigieren. Metro wird entweder nicht gefunden, oder eine Verbindung ist nicht möglich. Egal mit welchem Avatar!
Nelly 5 months ago
die Region zeigt sich in der Weltkarte Finder aber TP funktioniert nicht: "Error Kontaktaufnahme mit Raster"

the region is reflected in the world map Finder but TP does not work: ' error contacting grid "
Neovo.Geesink 5 months ago
Have you put the next in MAP to try a direct teleport?
I have tried it with my OSGrid Avatar from within OSGrid, and that functions well.

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Super marvelous work of the metro admins (posting New Metro here wasnt a primary thing of course) to move Metro "on the fly" to a brand new domaine! Thousands of avatars were moved so nothing was missed what they ever created (for other UUIDs etc) ...Regions purr like a kitten. Thank you for it!
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