Endless Summer

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Jeff's Beach Party
14 Nov 2019 18:00 SLT
Come join DJ Jeff Edwards for two hours of dancable oldies on Endless Summer's Beach! Grab a friend and get on your beach clothes! And Yes! He takes requests! 6-8PM Grid time!
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Gatsby's Ballroom with Jeff Edwards
12 Nov 2019 18:00 SLT
Come join us for a romantic two hour set at Gatsby's! DJ Jeff Edwards will be playing romantic music in the most elegant venue in Virtual Worlds! Semi-Formal to Formal Dress please! After all... it's ...
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Greedy at the Manor House
11 Nov 2019 16:30 SLT
If you're a fan of Greedy, please come join us for a weekly Greedy game at Edmund House, Endless Summer Isle. It's a friendly group who loves the game. If you don't know hoe to play, we'll teach you!
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