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Urbian z Is My Imaginary Playground Of things that I manipulate And Shape .... I seek out things that make me go.

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BartelBe 2 months ago
Great example of KISS landscaping artistry. Me likes, a lot.
Dabici132 3 months ago
I would love to visit your place Maximus but currently authorization process to access GCG for hypergrid visitors just do not work. I reported it but there is no progress on this. I tried both with my main avatar and alts registered in different grids, same results. If you are curious, try it yourself with and Alt you might have in another grid.
Maximus_Lear 3 months ago
Hello Dabici and thanks for the reply. This is a common problem and the owner of GCG is aware of this issue, however, he was not the Creator of this prosses that have been deemed a failer from the get go and people warned whoever uses it will break the hypergrid and the purpose. But good news, They are working on a better process to deal with the GDPR rules. Working in I.T. As a hobby for many years this has been one of the largest problems that Programmers forget is the user's end human interface. If it is too complicated! people won't do it and it will fail.

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