Ilha Paradise

Ilha Paradise
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9 months ago

"Paradise Island" Point for you to enjoy, good and pleasant environment with selected songs for you, sertanejo, romantic, MPB, rock, fun, friends, dates, dance, balls, parties, romantic.Bem your fun begins here.

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Reunião entre amigos vem faça parte desse mundo
6 months ago - 0 comments
6 months ago - 0 comments
3DLove event, fraternization. Come join this great party you and our guest. White
7 months ago - 1 comments
8 months ago - 0 comments

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Goldenmoon 4 months ago
Great place... Those who add bad comments use many many accounts to push bad reviews up and push other grid owners out of the Opensimworld… They said they would "control all the Opensimworld" … they also pretend they want all to be free and want all free to increase their traffic and others to close
oswell 6 months ago
This Grid Sells FREEBIES !! Can't imagine but don't buy in this grid !
Goldenmoon 4 months ago
you LIE… but this many already know… You pretend you want all free everywhere but that is to kick others out, other grid owners… You and your friends open mini grids because you are banned from many places for hacking, and insulting creators.. We know what you want … to control all and to sell more region on your grids
RonaldDolittle 4 months ago
What do you think people think of you ? Screaming lies about people and other grids ? do you have any problem to accept that creators can build and people can be in peace on their grid ? too much for you ? You have nothing to do ? Learn how to build, because insulting people is not a way to receive gifts … all you'll get is they will ignore you or bann you… Don't you see you are getting ridiculous ?

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This Grid Sells FREEBIES !! Can't imagine but don't buy in this grid !
nice place … and nice people there
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