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Welcome everyone! I am excited to bring you a sunnier, warmer version of Christmas...Harmony style!! Well, not everyone has snow in winter, now do they!! I hope you will come visit my Christmas sim for exploring, dancing, wine tasting, Freebie shopping and more!! The usual cast of characters will be there waiting to welcome you! Please forgive any lag and take time to rezz! There is a LOT here and I hope you enjoy all of it!! Thank you for visiting! Huge hugs to everyone!! Merry Christmas!!

The Region is open! There is a Harbor, beautifuly landscaped Beaches, A lovely little shopping center with shops for rent, a Wharf and Piers where you can fish or walk with a friend! There is a clubhouse with Greedy and other game tables and a You Tube TV. Of course, there is the beautiful Wedding sim with it's outdoor ballroom and romantic views (set to sunset please!) IM me if you are interested in having your wedding here. At the mouth of the harbor, you will find driveable boats! Take them out but please stay in the water! Check out the historic Lighthouse, Boathouse, and Yacht Club! And coming soon is the fabulous Beach resort and Club. Watch for Summer events! Do come and explore and have fun!

Homes available for new residents!!

(This is also a residential region. If there is a house..that is someone's home. Please respect my resident's privacy and enjoy their landscapes but stay out of their homes :)

Thanks for visiting and kindly LIKE my region and leave a comment :) Thank you and hugs all around!!


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Hi! Harmony Meadows "South Pole Christmas" will be closing February 1 so that I can create different places for you to visit! Please come take a look before it goes POOOF! There is Santa's Vineyard with the lovely Wine Tasting room, the cantina where you can dance, play pool or have a bowl of chips and salsa! See the Elves workshop...they are already working hard for next Christmas! Lots of lovely places to dance here and don't forget to take your picture in the photo shop! (Send me a copy!) Freebies here too of course in cute shops! Menswear, Ladies custom fashions, The Hat Shop, the furniture store and more!! Come enjoy and let me know how you love it!! :) I have really enjoyed this build and hope you will too!! Hugs all around! :)

Harmony Meadows "South Pole Christmas" Opens December 4, 2019! Please join us for a sunnier, warmer Christmas on South Pole Island!!


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Glitz Diamond Harmony Meadows adds charm to open sim and sharing with all of us! Harmony roll out the welcome mat :)
Malani Baller Ty you for all your hard work in open sim.
mousie very laggy owner was nasty and rude
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Zoe Synclair 1 month ago
Lovely place. Let it Rez, Let it Rez, Let it Rez! Lots to explore. Love the "Summer Christmas" theme, it makes a change.
Harmony Beningborough 1 month ago
Thank you so much Zoe!!! I am so happy you enjoyed it! Big hugs to you for a very Merry Christmas!! Thank you for visiting!! :)
Harmony Beningborough 1 month ago
WOOOHOOOOOOOO Merry Christmas and pass the Margaritas!!!! Hot Daddy's from Wolfs Run is having their Christmas party here at Harmony Meadow's South Pole Christmas! We got your Latin, we got your Reggae..we got your TUNES! FRIENDS and FUN! And of course margaritas and freebies! Come on down to Harmony Meadows region of the Discovery Grid!! discoverygrid.net:8002:Harmony Meadows
Jürgen M. 1 month ago
Wunderschöne Sim. Bin begeistert. (Jamy)
Harmony Beningborough 1 month ago
Google translation: Gorgeous Sim. I'm thrilled. (Jamy)

Jamy!! Thank you so much!! It is I who am thrilled that you came to visit!! Huggs to you and Merry Christmas!

Google Translation: Jamy!! Vielen Dank!! Ich bin es, der begeistert ist, dass sie gekommen sind!! Umarmungen für Sie und Frohe Weihnachten!
Cami Frechnase 1 month ago
Liebe und Frieden. Das ist das Gefühl, was ich empfand auf der Sim, Harmony Meadows. Harmony eine sehr Liebe. Es lohnt sich auf jeden Fall diese Sim anzusehen. Nimmt euch die Zeit. Mit viel Liebe gestaltet. Danke Harmony viel Glück und viel Spaß :-)
Harmony Beningborough 1 month ago
Google Translation: Love and peace. That's the feeling I felt at Sim, Harmony Meadows. Harmony a very love. It's definitely worth watching these Sim. Take your time. Designed with a lot of love. Thank you Harmony good luck and have fun :-)

Thank you Cami!! I am so happy that you enjoyed my version of Christmas! It makes me happy that you felt the love I put into making it! It was a pleasure meeting you! I look forward to seeing you again! Big hugs and wishes for a Marry Christmas!!

Google Translation: Danke Cami!! Ich bin so glücklich, dass Sie meine Version von Weih ... (more)
midnightrain 2 months ago
Harmony I must say (you have outdid yourself this year, I truly felt like I was in Old Mexico or from my early childhood in the Santa Barbara area of Calie in the 50d at one of the old Missions or spanish areas at Christmas when visiting my Mothers relatives.... if I could close my eyes and teleport anywhere into a real virtual place for real, I would want to live at your south Pole year around..... ((((( this would be my Happy Place))))) something wishes in my spirit you could keep it up year around......Rain
Harmony Beningborough 2 months ago
Well Rain, Old Town San Diego and Santa Barbara's Old Town and vineyards are exactly where I got my inspirations! I am 2 hours from both and visit them often! Part of this will stay all year so whenever you need a Happy Fix..you will know where to go! As long as you feel the love and joy, my mission was accomplished!!! Come back as often as you like!! Huggs and kisses!!!
OrbEmerald 2 months ago
Harmony! We love your decorating style. It reminded of a quaint town in Italy, or somewhere Mediterranean like that, where people are festive and love to celebrate the holiday. Enjoyed that build so much!
Harmony Beningborough 2 months ago
Thank you Orb and Ricky!!! Festive, love, joy and all of that is what I intended! I got a bit lost in the Island/Mexico/Italy/Bahama theme so whatever it is to whoever visits is perfect as long as they feel the love and can come away with a smile!! Thanks for visiting and hope you'll come back soon!! Huggs you both!!!
Piedmont Cartauld 2 months ago
Living in Florida Verde and I appreciate a tropical Christmas sim and of course Harmony does a great job again! You certainly have a knack at catching the spirit Harmony both Verde and I love this sim! There are shops and scenes, and a ride in an Impala Christmas sleigh!LOve it!
Harmony Beningborough 2 months ago
Thank you so much Pie and Verde!!! Coming from such fabulous creators as yourselves, that is a huge compliment and I am honored that you came to visit! I hope Verde got all of Pixey's "Newbilicious" outfits and that you visited Kith's men's shop! This was great fun to build this year and I am grateful to all the "Elves" who sipped margaritas and helped me out!! Huggs and Merry Christmas!
Eldarwen Waffle 2 months ago
Wow! First touch down on land and I am loving the Harmony Meadows regions!!
Harmony Beningborough 2 months ago
Eldarwen! Thank you so very much!! I'm happy you toured the region and that you loved it!! Thank you for your visit and I will see you soon!!! Hugs!!
Maggie 2 months ago
I'm already tired of the cold so I packed up my bikini and headed to the South Pole Christmas for the holidays. I was not disappointed when I landed on the dock to find warm sunshine, and the sounds of Christmas! There are bright colors everywhere with lots of places to explore and to just sit and relax after you are done shopping in the free shops. With such attention to detail, Harmony's hard work shows around every corner. Thank you for the wonderful vacation South of the Border!!
Harmony Beningborough 2 months ago
Thank YOU Maggie for visiting!! I did have reports of a lady in a bikini having chips and guacamole in the cantina, with maybe one too many margaritas!! Lol!! Thank you so much for your visit and your wonderful comments!!! Big hugs sunshine!!!
Glitz Diamond 2 months ago
Very charming Harmony,
Deck the halls with boughs of holly
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
'Tis the season to be jolly
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
Harmony Beningborough 2 months ago
You have a great voice! Can I hire you to sing here? Lol!! Thank you and big hugs! You brightened my day!! xoxox