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Western town, freebies, shopping, dancing, gaming, visiting…

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whoters 15 days ago
looks like 2003 here all very old stuff
no reason to visit waste time
Goldenmoon 11 days ago
Let people decide alone if it is worth to visit it or not…. You are not God to decide for others, and waste time would have been for you…. if you would have come… but I am sure you never took time to visit it...
Goldenmoon 11 days ago
It's an old fun town on one side and big shops full of freebies on the other side… But seems all region on the grid I have are region "not to go and hurting your eyes" so what could I say, you hate my grid because many love it…. keep staying where you are on your grid if you have one and if you think it's better than others… I think peole can still visit places and are able to see if they like or not, but the way you act saying bad things about all my grid and region there, people would be very curious to see why and come over here to visit …
NovemberRain 15 days ago
agree my eyes hurt type grid
Goldenmoon 11 days ago
bring more friends and use other accounts to say bad things, … you won't stop people to come for our freebies .
DonitoDarkstone 4 months ago
The region is not completely ready yet... You can visit, old town is almost done but for the big shops at the back of the saloon, we'll put items inside step by step... Just be patient , thanks

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looks feels like 2003 here
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