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Gloebit enabled region. For Gloebit/hypergrid shoppers. Male and Female fashion, hair, shoes, lingerie, pants, skirts, jackets.
Luna Park, roller coaster, Ferris wheel, carousel, Fun Park, Amusement Park, party tent, Mall. Mesh fashion, clothes.

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DOLLIES makes your virtual looks better! Fashion for Ruth, Saphira and Athena mesh body's! All Fashion is legal, if you find the same piece elsewhere with not me as creator, it is stolen (Copy botted).
HAPPY HOLLIDAYS!!!! 'JINGLES' a GIFT for YOU Complete Christmas outfit ! Gets yours today at: HG or City
1 months - 0 comments
NEWS for the Spoiled and Classy Girls: 'Monentes Jewellery' also landed at DOLLIES HG ..... Beautiful luxury Jewellery, maybe an idea for Christmas? HG
1 months - 0 comments
Post your HG region or land. No beacon needed, so everyone can show off their places (not only the region owners) . Also for SL regions! Show them how awesome OS is! No drama just a good extra option:). At the landing point of my region I have a poster, free to copy, so y...
1 months - 2 comments

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alot of goeblit very little for free
I just picked up a ton of free items. Thank you Dolly!
Maybe you did not see the part on my region where almost everything is for free:) Use the teleporter at the landing point and choose 'FREE'
Marianna 2 months
Thank you Dolly! Great region!
DollyDot 2 months
Thank you :)
PassionFlower 4 months
Hiya Dollie ;) I'm going to come over and visit on my TEE avy ;) Same name, just no flower in the middle ;) Passion Jumanji from The Encore Escape grid ;)
DollyDot 4 months
You are very welcome:) See you soon!
BinaryHills 5 months
wow so much quality free content!!!!!!! and good paid content too! Got some shopping done while picking up some freebies <3
PassionFlower 4 months
Dollies has EXCELLENT items to wear as well as her prices are just SUPERIOR!!!
lannorra 5 months
great region, with Dollies wonderful products to buy and many are offered free at a seperate building! Go now!
BinaryHills 1 years
A lot of great content you can purchase here good quality. Mesh! Great customer support from Dolly. And they take gloebits! What more can I ask for!
DollyDot 1 years
Well you can ask a big kiss from Dolly, make the package complete:)
EagleWolf 1 years
the link provided doesn't work with the map :-(
DollyDot 1 years
Ah yes thanks:) I changed it !
BinaryHills 1 years
Thanks for the updated link working for me!

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Superb job with the regions and everything looks awesome! As some of the previous reviews have stated, it feels very SL quality. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing! :)
Very cool region, extremely detailed and run by a good, honest, person I recently encountered on Facebook. All around one of the most beautiful regions I've ever seen on Opensim or SL, there's a lot to do & explore. Excellent job!
Great Build Dolly. Love your new home.
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Contabo: Powerful Dedicated Server Dual Xeon