Castle of Doom

Castle of Doom
3rd Rock
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Please Join us in 3rd Rock Grid as we celebrate Halloween and the festival of Samhain. This is a 2 day event starting on Oct. 30th at 12pm and ending on Oct. 31st at 6pm. The Castle of Doom region is a 3x3 var in which you will find all manner of scary creatures of the night , a nightmarish, blood drenched castle and surrounding grounds, a dark , mysterious forest, places of ritualistic and demonic gatherings, a sea of blood and Zombie Land where you must run for your life lest you be eaten alive!
Day 1 schedule :
12pm -5pm Region opens
Feel free to wander around and hunt for skulls filled with prizes that are hidden all over the region. Be the first to find all 25 and win an extra prize. Visit Zombie Land and take part in the Zombie Apocalypse where it's a kill or be killed situation. Take a ride in our specially designed coffin into the sea of blood where you'll find all manner of nightmare inducing entities! If you want to play it safe , you can have a seat in our outdoor theater and watch some scary movies.
Day 2- 10am - 6pm Party in the Graveyard
Enjoy 8 hours of live entertainment, provided by some of our finest musicians and DJ's . All of the activities listed above will still be available as you like as well as a costume contest and random giveaways. A fun time to be had by all! **PLEASE NOTE** FOR THE BEST EXPERIENCE PLEASE PUT YOUR SCREEN ON MIDNIGHT OR REGION WINDLIGHT.

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Goldenmoon 10 months ago
love it !

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