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The stories of Brigadoon, an interactive journey loosely based on the Scottish poem Tam O'Shanter by Robert Burns (and a few twists!)

Aft hae I roved by bonnie Doon, To see the woodbine twine,
And ilka bird sang o' its love; And sae did I o' mine.
Wi' lightsome heart I pu'd a rose, Frae aff its thorny tree;
And my fause luver staw the rose, But left the thorn wi' me...

(Content rating due to alcohol use and some saucy language)

** New to this sim **
Two additional experiences- a model of the Callanish Standing Stones (placement mirrors that of the RL site, though rocks are simpler prims), and...

'paper town - the land of black and white'
A series of thought-provoking poems for you to explore!

All 3 experiences are within the Brigadoon region, reachable from the main landing hub.

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kawolf 4 months
Truly wonderfull sim me and my better half had a great time wandering round and some of the npc's lines had us in stitches....
Andron 3 months
Thank you for the kind words, so glad you enjoyed some of the humorous dialog! :)
Massey 10 months
Great place to be start a new warm welcome and new friend
Andron 2 months
Indeed! Glad you enjoy Brigadoon
13535 12 months
I absolutely love your sim! :) I went through the whole thing and the scenery and homes were so beautiful! this grid has so much to offer. The creativity my goodness I am speechless- Extremely well done :) two thumbs up for sure!!
Andron 11 months
Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed the adventure!
Goldenmoon 12 months
ah ah ah very nice … and fun !
Andron 11 months
Thank you so much!
Andron 12 months
Hi folks! Sorry we had a bit of a hiccup last week on our grid assets so had to redo some of the trees and things, restored from backup. Brigadoon is back online now for all to enjoy! I appreciate the feedback, and grateful for visitors sharing their experiences of the stories and interactions around the sim, thank you!
Goldenmoon 12 months
very very nice
Andron 11 months
Thank you!

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if you have some time to spare Brigadoon is well worth paying a visit to... the scenery is excellent and the characters have some grand things to say :)
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