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The Spell Zone
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Spell Zone is a goth inspired underworld kind of place ... rp, rlv and romance in semi public and public areas

Foundation Grid is not suitable for Underage Avatars - No child avatars or child presenting are tolerated and those avatars will be kicked and banned on site

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Alelaria 8 months
I can't get to spellzone keeps timing out love the place
oopsee 8 months
thanks alelaria ... it is online so all i can say is keep trying
lannorra 11 months
Very cool place! Lots of interesting Adult stuff and horror elements. Was fun exploration.
QueenOfNarnia 12 months
OMG... I cannot say just how much I LOVE this Sim. All my inner faepyre demons are so excited when I came here. Honestly the little traitors want to jump ship and move in here. ha ha ha
SimonAstick 1 years
I visited with my friend and could not believe all the fine quality stuff this themed region had to offer. My inventory is straining at the seams.

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I love visiting all your regions. They inspire my muses to want to come out and play. Thank you for what you do in OpenSim and for the community.
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