Alice In Wonderland

Alice In Wonderland
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Alice in Wonderland full of fun, and adventure, meeting charactors and fun Alice wonderland merry go round, a place for all ages to come and explore, with the Cheshire Cat Club , aquarium the cafe, meet the wee folks and the queen of hearts, but 1stly you have to jump down the tree hole and visit the mouse hole to get to all the other different places. Teleporters to crawl into. Nice place for child avatars and grown ups to explore, Moderate sim. See you there!!...

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Aquarius 3 months ago
I checked out whole land today finally wow. It feels like you are in a huge 4x4 or somethign meanwhile its just so well built in a single region you think you're in a big land. You get lost in the theme amazing work Fantasia! You gotta check it out peeps!
Fantasia 3 months ago
thank you Aqua Hugs
KiraWhitehawk 3 months ago
From the minute you drop down the tree hole you know you've found something special...what an awesome creation by a talented lady! Take your camera and plan to spend some time exploring, playing and relaxing! What fun!
Fantasia 3 months ago
Thank you so very much Kira, your very talented also, go check out Rockin the blues all wooot ... hugss xxx
J.Janeway 3 months ago
A original and Unique Alice in Wonderland sim, amazing and wonderful place to visit and look around
Fantasia 3 months ago
Thank you so very much sissy hugss x
Kimsha 3 months ago
A must to see Great place to hang and explore you be surprise of what you will see well done Fan .... I love it .
Fantasia 3 months ago
Thank you so very much Kimsha hugs

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