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Garnet Cove, one of the many stranded regions of Inworldz, is happy to have settled into a permanent home in Digiworldz. With it comes the well known clothing store Rusty's Rags plus venues; The Loft Blues Club and Trails End Saloon. The region is up and running and the venues and clothing outlet are open for business. The theme is wooded with a rustic western feel and is reflective of our love for the Pacific Northwest region. Feel free to drop by and wander through the trails as you view this scenic var. You can pick up landmarks at the landing point. See you all soon.

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The var is finally finished and the venues are ready to go. The Loft Blues Club will be opening very soon with the same party blues and family atmosphere we were known for in Inworldz. DJ MoonMaiden Horner has come over with us and will be Djing at the Loft as well. So keep an eye on the events, b...
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OutlawCowgirl 1 months ago
Looks beautiful Rusty and Dick! Hope to see y'all soon and hear some Chris LeDoux! :D
Andy_Wilder 2 months ago
have a good start here Rusty and Dick !
Fantasia 2 months ago
Congrats Rusty and Dick on your new open of your clubs and Rustys Rags , hope fuly Il get Over there some time .. Miss you both very much loves Fanta big hugs x
KiraWhitehawk 3 months ago
Congrats on your opening. Glad you are settled in your new home!

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