Bachman Zoo and Aquarium

Bachman Zoo and Aquarium
3rd Rock
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Welcome to Bachman Zoo and Aquarium! We hope you enjoy your stay!

This region is comprised of 15 natural animal habitats , including a super sized aquarium with all manner of sea life and even mermaids! All habitats have either static or animated animals or both. Each habitat was created to emulate each animal's real life natural habitat. Some of the habitats also have NPC animals.
A video monitor is located right next to the front gate of each habitat, with 4 or 5 full length video movies to chose from, depicting the animal or animals inside each habitat. In order to see the videos, you must have media enabled in your browser via your preferences. The Aquarium has a theater located on the second floor balcony which will also give you an excellent view of the giant sized Tank. The theater has comfortable seating and 18 sea life videos to choose from and enjoy. Clear instructions for use are located next to or close by to each video monitor screen and there are 75 videos throughout the park to enjoy.

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Dolfke 12 months ago
It's a wonderful Region with many surprises, when you like to learn or just have fun, you might visit this amazing Sim.

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What a lovely zoo! The enclosures are nicely arranged. The Primates and Aquarium are my favorites ... and the Bears ... and the one with the Elephants, Giraffes, and Zebras ... and, well, you get the picture! If you don't, go and see it for yourself!
this is an absolutely amazing place i have never seen anything like it or done as well you can spend hours enjoying this easily
5 Stars are not enough when you see this with your own eyes, and you still won't believe it how Rhia made this possible !!
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