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Wyldwood Bayou
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Wyldwood Bayou on DiscoveryGrid is home to Rockin' the Blues, our main venue, and our speciality venues, Bayou Belle Riverboat, Hot Daddy's Dance Dock and Lady Blue. Come on down Friday through Monday for great fun, friendship and music! Come along any time to explore Wyldwood Bayou and our adjoining regions Lost Bayou and Wolf Run, currently under development.

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HarmonyMeadows 2 days ago
DJ Macy on stage now with a fabulous set and DJ Cat can't be here tonite so DJ BlueLou is steppin' in with incredible tunes!! Come on down to Rockin' the Blues where the love runs deep and the fun and friendship never ends!! hop://discoverygrid.net:8002/Wyldwood%...
HarmonyMeadows 14 days ago
DJ Rachel can't be here today so we have to put up with DJ Kith!!! LOL!!! No need to tell you much about Kith except that he is one fabulous, amazing DJ who plays what ya love and what makes you want to scream HELLLLL YEAHHHHHHHH!!!!! So come on down to Rockin' the Blues where the love runs deep..the fun is never ending and the Blues are sizzlin' HOT!!!! hop://discoverygrid.net:8002/Wyldwood%...
Whippin 16 days ago
This Tribe are the best eva!! Fun peeps, good tunes, good times!
HarmonyMeadows 22 days ago
DJ Emma is under the weather and will be back with the Top 10 next week! BUT! Grab your dancing shoes because DJ KITH is ready to rock you with not 1 but 2 amazing sets and a heaping double dose of Chocolates!!! Grab some friends and head on down to the Bayou for a hellatious party and one fabulous Saturday Night!! hop://discoverygrid.net:8002/Wyldwood%...
HarmonyMeadows 28 days ago
It's Woodstock! We are having the Closing Festivities of Woodstock here at Rockin' the Blues with DJ Rachel Rose and DJ Moonie!! Come enjoy the fun, the friendship and the Awesome music!! Peace and Love everyone!!! Fun starts at 4:30 PM Sunday!!
JustynTyme 3 months ago
Great place! Good music and people...
Copper 3 months ago
Admins should do something to the accassability. Since months I get the info: Unable to verify identity!
I could TP there before. So it cant be a problem from my side
Copper 2 months ago
Still the same Info. Sadly no one cares .... Ok..then no TP to this place :-(
HarmonyMeadows 5 months ago
8:08 PM 4/5/19The Friday Party continues with DJ Cataplexia at PLAN B In the Discovery Grid! Come Join us!! hop://discoverygrid.net:8002/Wolfs%20R...
Hadi 6 months ago
It's Mardi Gras at Wyldwood Bayou Fri-Sun March 8-10
Rockin' the Blues, are celebrating Mardi Gras in our French Quarter! Party on Bourbon Street, smack dab in the middle of New Orleans! This is CARNIVAL at it's most musical, most festive and most exciting!
Feather up and don those masks and bright colors ...call out the second line to PARTY!! Fabulous music by Rockin' the Blues DJs, Party by the TRIBE!
Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler!! See you there!! hop://discoverygrid.net:8002/Wyldwood%...
JustynTyme 7 months ago
loading very slow then I asked to be tp to the club and no one wanted to send one :-( I tried
KiraWhitehawk 7 months ago
Justyn, so sorry to hear that we missed your request for a tp!! If you were off grid it may have been lost in the ether :( I remember you from another world and so sorry, we would have loved to see you again. As far as rezzin slow... did you make it to the club?? Try again!! We would love to see you. I will keep an eye out for you! Kith Whitehawk
Hadi 8 months ago
As many of you know on Sunday 27th of January RTB lost a wonderful soul. Our lovely Kira Whitehawk passed away suddenly. We all feel much loss and shock at this sudden loss and our hearts, prayers and best wishes go out to Kith and Kara’s’ family. Kira’s love of and passion for the Blues was legendary and Rockin’ the Blues never missed a scheduled set from the day it opened its doors on any grid. With that in mind and knowing that Kira wouldn’t want us to be sad and gloomy. This weekend we are going to salute Kira and acknowledge her life and goodness as she would want us to, with love joy and friendship and of course the Blues . You are all welcome to come and join us and share in celebrating the life of this wonderful amazing woman .
HarmonyMeadows 7 months ago
We have lost a sister, friend, amazing DJ and incredible woman. Her dream and daily goal was to love and entertain, to share her love of the Blues and New Orleans. She is with us in every tune, every prim of these wonderful regions and in every heart of every Blues Tribe member and visitor. We continue to play the best blues from the best DJs in Open Sim! Please check our schedule and come join us!! Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday! Fun, friendship and FABULOUS Blues!!
logansryche 8 months ago
That's most unfortunate news, my condolences.
AnonymousAngel 8 months ago
I personally have been to Bayou. Great people, great decor , great place to hang out and have fun. As far as loading.. not a problem for me. So, I am not sure but she may want to check - wong's- settings or system computer as she seems to have her issue everywhere she goes according to her long list of comments on multiple grids, but that is just my observation.
Fantasia 1 years ago
Fantastic owners Kira nd kith and great dj's and hosts and most of all a great group of people!! the Tribe is what makes the club special along going club and I know it been a dj there for 5 years now, no complaints just great fun always.. Go along and check it out make a new friend or 2 .. hugss Fanta x
Harmony 1 years ago
This kind of fun is why I am in virtual worlds! Rockin' the Blues is "Home" for me! The people are genuinely loving and the "Blues Tribe" is Family! Wyldwood Bayou is an incredibly beautiful Louisiana themed region with soon to be 4 fabulous clubs and a scenic wonder to explore again and again! And...These DJs ROCK!!! Thanks you to Kira and Kith for bringing Wyldwood to Open Sim for everyone to love and enjoy!!

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Great Music. Blues that make the soul move. Great Club and the theme was nice. The floor set up was great. House was packed on my visit and I don't know about others but even with apox. of 30 avi's there I rezed pretty fast. Fun like fun should be. I would visit again.
Wyldwood Bayou is the number one blues club on Opensim! Awesome DJ's, awesome sim. Be sure to visit Fri-Mon and get your blues on!!!!
love it
Dj Rose @ Rockin' the Blues Sunday at 4:30 pm!!
15 Sep 2019 06:30 pm SLT
Dj Rose @ Rockin the Blues!!! Cant wait to get that pick me up blues jam? If you know Rose, you KNOW Rose gonna rock the joint this afternoon!!! So...run! Don't walk! Get yourself strapped into th...
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Dj BlueLou @ Rockin' the Blues Sunday 6-7:30 PM
15 Sep 2019 07:30 pm SLT
DJ BlueLou broadcasts from the "heartland" of the U.S. His sets are a welcome blend of blues... a little romance, a little soul, a little old school and always a lot of fun! Come on down to the Bayou ...
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Dj Macy @ Rockin' the Blues Friday 6-7:30 PM
20 Sep 2019 06:00 pm SLT
DJ Macy kicks off our weekend of blues at 6 pm and I tell you what! Macy may be soft spoken...but man oh man can she rock the blues! Scratch that blues itch NOW!! Dj Macy got the cure you need!!! Su...
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Dj Cat @ Rockin' the Blues Friday 7:30-9 PM
20 Sep 2019 07:30 pm SLT
Tribe!!! Dj Cat has picked out a sweet, hot, rockin' set just for you tonight!!! Head on down to the bayou and pop into the living room ~ be prepared to be BLUSED!!! Cat has an eclectic blues invent...
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Dj Emma @ Rockin' the Blues Saturday 6-7:30 PM
21 Sep 2019 06:00 pm SLT
Saturday Top 10 with DJ Emma! Weaving her magic out of Ontario, Canada, Emma's signature style is sweet smooth blues with just a bit of naughty. Emma knows her stuff and plays great blues, so join us ...
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Dj Kith @ Rockin' the Blues Saturday 7:30-9 PM
21 Sep 2019 07:00 pm SLT
When DJ Kith spins, it's like a box of chocolates. Ya never know what you gonna get! Whatever he plays we guarantee it will be fresh, sweet, and full of surprises! Might be blues, might be blues-ish...
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Dj Kith @ Rockin' the Blues Sunday 0900-10:30 AM
22 Sep 2019 09:00 am SLT
It's Sunday morning! You can ALWAYS count on a hot time on the Bayou Belle when DJ Kith takes the stage! Come in your jammies! We'll have the coffee ready! You can ALWAYS count on a hot time on the Ba...
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