Wyldwood Bayou

Wyldwood Bayou
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Welcome to our new home on DiscoveryGrid. Rockin' the Blues is open for business and business is good, so come on down to the Bayou for fun, friendship and great blues! The Bayou Belle will be open on August 5. We will be adding Hot Daddy's and Lady Blue over the coming month. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Great Music. Blues that make the soul move. Great Club and the theme was nice. The floor set up was great. House was packed on my visit and I don't know about others but even with apox. of 30 avi's there I rezed pretty fast. Fun like fun should be. I would visit again.

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KiraWhitehawk 6 days ago
Thank you so much for the feedback. We're glad you were here and had a great time! Kira.

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DJ Macy @ Rockin’ the Blues, Friday,6:00-7:30pm
17 Aug 2018 02:51 pm SLT
This soft-spoken DJ enjoys the softer side of blues but man oh man can she rock the blues as well! Macy is a relatively young DJ with an old blues soul. Come on down to the Bayou tonight for fun, frie...
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DJ Kira @ Rockin’ the Blues, Friday, 7:30-9pm
17 Aug 2018 02:52 pm SLT
Tonight we're gonna Rock the Blues DJ Kira style! Broadcasting from the northwest corner of the U.S, Kira brings an eclectic selection of Blues from old scratchies to pushing-the-boundaries contempor...
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DJ Rand @ Rockin’ the Blues, Saturday,6:00-7:30pm
18 Aug 2018 02:53 pm SLT
DJ Rand is a southern boy who takes his title and his cue from his RL experience as a MC Road Captain. He plays an eclectic mix of blues from Chicago, to the Delta, to the swamps of Louisiana. And he ...
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DJ Kith @ Rockin’ the Blues, Saturday, 7:30-9pm
18 Aug 2018 02:56 pm SLT
When DJ Kith spins, it's like a box of chocolates. Ya never know what you gonna get! Whatever he plays we guarantee it will be fresh, sweet, and full of surprises! Might be blues, might be blues-ish...
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DJ Fanta @ RTB Bayou Belle, Sunday, 9:00-10:30am
19 Aug 2018 09:00 am SLT
Join our FRISKY, FUN FANTABULOUS DJ FANTA aboard the Bayou Belle as she spins the blues for you from the UK! Fanta is a firecracker, mixing it up with rockin blues, old blues, soul and funk. You can A...
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DJ BlueLou @ Rockin’ the Blues, Sunday 6:00–7:30pm
19 Aug 2018 02:57 pm SLT
DJ BlueLou broadcasts from the "heartland" of the U.S. His sets are a welcome blend of blues... a little romance, a little soul, a little old school and always a lot of fun! Come on down to the Bayou ...
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DJ Emma @ Rockin’ the Blues, Sunday, 7:30-9pm
19 Aug 2018 02:58 pm SLT
unday Top 10 with DJ Emma! Weaving her magic out of Ontario, Canada, Emma's signature style is sweet smooth blues with just a bit of naughty. Emma knows her stuff and plays great blues, so join us on ...
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7/23/18, Moved from InWorldz to Discovery Grid 7/26/18, Rockin' the Blues Open 8/05/18, Bayou Belle Open 8/15/18, Hot Daddy's Dance Deck Open
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