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Luv Plaza
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New gateway to HGluv Grid! Freebies, always new updates for the Ruth 2.0 mesh avatar. Lot's of neat stuff and goodies. We are always experimenting! :)

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A test image for our top-secret hi-res maptile project. hehe
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Safar 9 days ago
A wonderful, creative, supportive and friendly place to be. Best virtual environment I've come across. Thank you Hyacinth!!
SamsaraTimeless 18 days ago
Everything runs so smoothly and great connection. Fantastic help linking our server.. Big Hugs to you Hyacinth ♥♥♥
Love from Sam (aka Richie Darkstar)
Susie_Wong 18 days ago
In the name of Richie and Keonie Darkstar and from Susie Wong
Thank you for the great help to conect a server to your Grid .
the connection and speed is uniquely high ,rezz a outfit lower as 5 sec.
lowest lag ever !
Next up we will open the Sims to Public !
Kind regards Susie
chamillamocha 3 months ago
Beautiful and peaceful!! Thank you Hyacinth for helping me when I was homeless...FREE!! Come and see this drama free place in all its beauty!! Love it!
Marianna 3 months ago
Thank you Hyacinth!! Your place is looking amazing!! I looked through the Ruth and Roth folders, YOU have been super busy! Appreciate you!

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Beautiful and peaceful!!
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