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Luv Plaza
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New gateway to HGluv Grid! Freebies, always new updates for the Ruth 2.0 mesh avatar. Lot's of neat stuff and goodies. We are always experimenting! :)

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A test image for our top-secret hi-res maptile project. hehe
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KawaiiOSG 26 days ago
Hya... one word.. AMAZING I loves it and I am so proud of all you have done
PowerOfGreen 29 days ago
Wonderful~~ THANK YOU HYA~~~ I love it and happy to be here now :)
Safar 1 months ago
A wonderful, creative, supportive and friendly place to be. Best virtual environment I've come across. Thank you Hyacinth!!
SamsaraTimeless 2 months ago
Everything runs so smoothly and great connection. Fantastic help linking our server.. Big Hugs to you Hyacinth ♥♥♥
Love from Sam (aka Richie Darkstar)
Susie_Wong 2 months ago
In the name of Richie and Keonie Darkstar and from Susie Wong
Thank you for the great help to conect a server to your Grid .
the connection and speed is uniquely high ,rezz a outfit lower as 5 sec.
lowest lag ever !
Next up we will open the Sims to Public !
Kind regards Susie
chamillamocha 4 months ago
Beautiful and peaceful!! Thank you Hyacinth for helping me when I was homeless...FREE!! Come and see this drama free place in all its beauty!! Love it!
Marianna 4 months ago
Thank you Hyacinth!! Your place is looking amazing!! I looked through the Ruth and Roth folders, YOU have been super busy! Appreciate you!

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Beautiful and peaceful!!
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