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Cars, motorcycles, boats, planes ..... all this in a gothico context pleasantly visitable, we are talking about gothic shop .... the sim of freedom grid where you can find furniture and objects gothica.Sale dining, canopy beds kitchens and many other objects are what awaits you at gothic shop !! of course everything is free !!!

Auto,moto,barche aerei .....tutto questo in un contesto gothico piacevolmente visitabile,stiamo parlando di gothic sim di freedom grid dove potrete trovare mobili e oggettistica gothica.Sale da pranzo,letti a baldacchino cucine e tantissimi altri oggetti sono ciò che vi aspetta a gothic shop !! naturalmente tutto free !!!

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Goldenmoon 2 months ago
beautiful place
SteampunkSiouxsin 2 months ago
love this place but there are a few things i wanted to get that were not "getable": couldn't copy or buy.
Sent messages about them but as of the last time i was there, still cant get.
gedo 3 months ago
yay for the free and the true spirit of opensim
anonymous 5 months ago
Take the no fly off please.
JimmyOlsen 5 months ago
its useless anyway.. if u using FS, control alt v (sometimes u need redo it) and u will fly anywhere
lord_dominic_coh 5 months ago
a realy great job congrats and thanks for sharing . btw i would really need the seatings( the fur thrones and the praying statue). i wasnt able to copy or buy it .
EvaNoir 5 months ago
thanks for warning me :-) you are welcome
VictorDeAngelo 5 months ago
Kudos to the owner of this fun sim and also for keeping the spirit of FREE OpenSim. Great job!
EvaNoir 5 months ago
thank you very much :-)

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