Free Life Freebie Freeway

Free Life Freebie Freeway
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8 months ago

Fill up your shopping bag while visiting the 20-plus Free Life City freebie stores. Also, items will be added as they are made available so come back soon.

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VictorDeAngelo 3 months ago
Hi Crey...Not sure what the specific problem was that you encountered. I can reset the region and will do so after those who are there now are done. Sometimes it is just a matter of waiting until most everything rezzing. Please come back and visit again and, hopefully, all will work fine for you.
CreyJackson 3 months ago
Victor, I look forward to visiting again. Please hold off restarting on my account. If others are not having problem, clearly the issue is mine. I apologize for any inconvenience.
CreyJackson 3 months ago
Have visited many times. Great location. Today, however, having issues visiting. Location may be having problems. Can anyone verify?
SamsaraTimeless 4 months ago
Love it all.. great freebies, Thanks very much for all the NPC's :)
Damien.Wilder 4 months ago
Was amazed at all of the free things but gotta really hand it to Victor as this sim is so realistic and detailed....a must see for all.
Ashley.Love 4 months ago
This place is so very real looking not to mention so many stores filled with really awesome freebies.
Emerelda99 5 months ago
Victor is so dedicated to the provision of content for all of opensim he deserves a medal. Also met him once when passing through and he was so kind and polite. Huge region with lots of content. Definitely worth a visit time and time again.
JustynTyme 5 months ago
amazing place as always
minstrel 7 months ago
Great seeing you again Victor. Sexxy and I will come over and visit and explore.
Sexxylady 7 months ago
Woooot!!! glad to have found your world Victor!!!! Can't wait to come explore!
JustynTyme 7 months ago
Great place! Lots of nice things 1 prims items and so much more!
xxj3ssycaxx 7 months ago
great work ... was fun talking with you and flying :P
Elise_Dior 8 months ago
Another awesome build! Totally amazed at all of the stores offering freebies...and lots of good new stuff, too. Love it!

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