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Home of the Fetish Fire Adult club. A part of the Utopia Skye community. Fetish Fire is located on it's permanent home on Utopia Skye Grid.

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Fetish Fire is now located on it's permanent home on Utopia Skye Grid. Come visit us for a set or just explore the grid a bit. We're happy to call this home and hope others will enjoy the time spent with us here.
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bettyfl 5 days ago
You have received a "naughty party certified award" :"> Love you :-*
bettyfl 12 days ago
You have received a "party certified award" that means
1. you are trying hard to set up your day and time for your concept
2. you have a host/hostess responsible to keep fingers up
3. your host/hostess is working hard for local chat stay alive
4. you do not have a clique an you are friendly to all guests
LadyMuse 10 days ago
awww! Thank you so much! Come back soon! We'll jump around and get all crazy on you again hehe
bettyfl 12 days ago
Great party ...wonderful local chat ..one of the best if not the best ...thank you Calliope and Eagle :-*
LadyMuse 10 days ago
We love having you join us Betty!
Caprica 1 months ago
It was a lot of fun. Very nice birthday party!
SteampunkSiouxsin 3 months ago
jammin to DJ Gertie. always fun
miny 5 months ago
super fun club !!!
mike.chase 5 months ago
Aww. Diana was very sweet. Very sorry to hear that.
DevinBetsen 5 months ago
Hello, If Austin Kaine is still a dj at this club can you let her know, if she doesnt already, that Diana Wildwood passed away earlier this week. Thank you so much, Angel wanted her to know
LadyMuse 5 months ago
Oh no :( I'm sad to read this. Prayers and love to her family and friends online and in real world.
Zindraya 5 months ago
I just told her, she said thank you for letting her know.
Sheku_Thor 7 months ago
Amazing time at Fetish Fire tonight. Great music from Austin and Calliope, great particle show by the lovely Lexx and fantastic friends to spend time with
jobutl 7 months ago
Wonderful place to let your hair down...fun people to chat with, awesome music, amazing particle shows... (Lexx Moore)
midnightrain 10 months ago
You can let your hair down here....Woot Woot....

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Great club, great particle shows from time to time. Very welcoming, extremely even for an adult club. Specially like Calliope's set, she really draws the crowd into the party.
If you ever want to learn what is a great online party about and become better in your events, you really need to join a party here ,,,,,,These people are great.....Love you :-*
My favorite club by far. Great music and lots of fun people to chat with during DJ sets. Also has impromptu particle and light shows if you like that sort of thing. Another great feature...Fetish Fire is an adult club. You can wear (or not wear) whatever you want and not be judged for it. Th...
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