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Viva La Glam and its humble host and hostess welcomes you to the number one Adult Swim sim of OS; home of the Black Box Carnival and The Empire Lounge. Kick back and hang out on a bench, along the center fountain... dip into one of the many tubs and pools. Maybe grab a few friends and play some Greedy. We welcome all sorts of entertainment from that of the tranquil and social, vigorous frolicking upon the dance floor and even that of the more lascivious variety.

Visitors be aware that VivaLaGlam is an Adult sim which, while welcoming of all genders, sexualities and lifestyles, is unwelcoming of underage users and avatars. Instead of immediate banishments to child avatars, they will given 90 seconds to switch to an adult avatar or else be permanently banned from the sim.

We are currently still in the building process, although we'll probably always be under construction... there's always a new idea, something to fix and plenty to refine. In the meantime, enjoy~


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LouCypher 1 years
Nice waterfalls :)
Wykd1 1 years
Beautiful Awesome Place I Love IT, The Hostesses Are Amazing Good Times Here!! :))
Thyme 1 years
haha! We're glad you had a good time ms Wykd~ Come by for a visit any time :)
Arielle 1 years
Beautiful Club and welcoming friendly hosts!
Thyme 1 years
Many thanks ms Arielle~ We're very happy you enjoyed yourself
kiki_baily 1 years
Too bad, is not public.
Thyme 1 years
it is now :)

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