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Great Canadian
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Tigerkitti Eberdene
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#MY GCG DragonMoor is a place of many things.
When you land, you will find yourself at my marketplace. Many stores, with more to come. Free items! My own store, Tig's Treasures is free for all items that I created. Tattoos, furniture, kitchen, clothing, fish tanks and more!
There are stores with gestures, punk, clothing, tech items. Come have a look!
Everyone is welcome to come to explore.
There is a complete army base with memorials on the land. Giving honour to all soldiers both living and dead. Airport, bunkers, barracks. This area is set up perfectly for roleplay if anyone wishes.
On the ground level is my Clan lands.
Home to Failte Touta Vampire clan (Roleplay only, but same as the one in SL that I am Queen of)
All are welcome here and there is NO biting or anything of that sort. My family has people of all races. Elven, pixie, fairy, wolves, you name it.
I have Greedy tables at "Ye Olde Dragon Inn".
Also, there are several other places with Greedy tables which were made by my friend Jimmy Olsen. He has done many amazing styles of these games. If you wish to get a table, you can at his Tromso sim.
There are a couple of Satyr farms on the land.
Churches on the land are set to the theme of each area they are in.
DragonMoor has much to see and do. All are welcome.
Come visit, explore and enjoy my land.
If you like it, please give me a thumbs up.
I am always open to suggestions as to things I can put down.
Thanks for taking the time to read about DragonMoor.
I hope to see you visit soon! Tigerkitti Eberdene (Tig)

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Maximus Lear Vampires are running rampant in GCG. Nice job Tig! plus an amazing Canada memorial center for our brave troops.