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This is my new var region that replaces ScotsDale and ScottsDale! It is a 2x2 meaning it is the size of 4 sims put together.
Ride the dragons and horses with NO more sim lines! Woot!
Visit the Clanlands on Ground level where it is set to resemble Scotland of medieval times.
If you want a home there are houses on this level for those who like medieval. The castle is home to myself and clan members, but all are welcome here.
The sky areas include DragonMoor Northern Reach, which is always Winter.
DragonMoor South Lake resort is a place that looks much like Northern Ontario and is a wonderful place to relax.
The New Market is now a modern city, with a town full of houses for anyone who wants to live in more modern homes.
The Market has many stores, and they are in the process of everyone moving back into them, and there will be more empty ones available for your products.
If you want a store, just let me know and I can arrange it. I will need a full perm copy of your store logo for the sign is all.
All the stores and homes are free to "rent" so that people have a place to stay whilst they decide if they wish to buy land of their own, or just stay living on mine.
We do have one rule that must not be broken please. We do NOT cam or enter homes or castle rooms that are private residences. We like to give everyone the feeling of having some privacy and we ask that all respect that.
If you see a home without a name on the sign, that means it is unoccupied, so you may enter or cam to look and see if it is one you would like to live in.
There is a lot on my land to explore and do. Greedy in several areas. Satyr farms. Ballroom in the castle. Ye Olde Dragon Inn. Water areas, forested areas, lots of cuddle spots.
Pirates and Fairies and more! And of course, a vampire or two, as well as Lycan and other fantasy creatures (avis).
River running through the sim for smaller boats. (not modern please)
We will have open mic nights in the near future.
We are working on an Art event, and all events that are coming up on the land will be displayed at the main landing at the castle courtyard for everyone to see.
The opensim teleporter will bring you to the courtyard. Right across from this is the land teleporters for anyone to use.
Feel free to explore and enjoy the land.
Please excuse any mess for now as the rebuild will probably take another week or so to be complete.
Safe paths to all and hugs. Welcome to my new home everyone!
Hugs.....Tigerkitti Eberdene.
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Tigerkitti2014 23 days ago
Oh and sorry, I will not be changing the grid I am on. I LOVE The Great Canadian Grid. We have awesome people, no drama, great prices and an owner who is involved with everyone and cares. I was brought here to recreate my veteran's memorials from SL...and well, I stayed. GCG is my home...and home is where I am happy.
JimmyOlsen 23 days ago
I agree and this same person who complained and let a very rude comments at my page. Dude, u dont want leave any registration, so.. just dont come
lord_dominic_coh 23 days ago
just to let u know open sim means open sim for everybody without registring somewhere .. you canadians shouldnt behave like trump .. greetings from germany by the way .... and noo i wont register anywhere just to have a look at ur sim . soory , but maybe u should chnage ur grid
Tigerkitti2014 23 days ago
The registration thing is new, but government mandated. It simply means that they disclose the information that is collected and you agree to it, as opposed to most of the grids who just take your info without informing you. It is a one time deal, and easy to do. I am sorry if you find this an inconvenience. I have had to register for other opensim grids in order to visit, so GCG is not alone in this. It is your choice of course, but you may miss out on some wonderful places. Safe Paths.
Arielle 23 days ago
The Open of OpenSim means you are allowed run your region and grid as you wish. As the grid is following their interpretation of the EU GDPR directives and the country you hail from made the first court ruling supporting those directives, your implication of both Canadians and Americans as infringing on your freedoms is ludicrous. Look in your own backyard to see why some of these grids are requiring these registrations.

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