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#MY GCG DragonMoor is a place of many things.
On the ground level, there are vampire clan lands for Failte Touta clan. Set back to medieval Scotland there are various areas to check out.
Satyr farms, castle, Greedy game, club-Ye Olde Dragon Inn, church, RP.
Another level has the marketplace, stores, for rent houses and stores for GCG members. FREE! Up to 300 prims. A movie theatre, nature area, winter area. Great stores here, some have free items. My own, Tig's Treasures has all free.
The army base and memorials was a "labour of love" for me. My father was a WW2 veteran, and I myself served in the Canadian Forces as well. Being a veteran does give you a great appreciation for all the sacrifices made to keep us free and safe. Memorials, even a couple for people from our grid who have passed. Military church, airport, secret area, "out in the field" areas. Training areas. MP shack, transport, communications, Beaver Hall with a Greedy game, mess hall, barracks, Snowbirds flying around the base.
Head on up to the "special events" area for some amazing views and activities.
When you land here, you can choose to go to the horseback riding and nature trails, where you will find cuddles and other places to just chill out in nature. There is a fishing area where you can try your luck. Giant BBQ for a picnic. Cliffs and nature all around. Nice dance area for when we have occasional events.
The other area, you go through the doors where it says "Beware" and you will find the Halloween area. Creepy lake, dance area, haunted house, witches house, cemetery, corn maze, zombies, Skully's Bar with a Greedy game, fishing, horse and carriage ride, farm, many things to see and do.
My land is open to all.
Anyone can fish year round, except for each season there will be one fishing contest which, unfortunately, is only open to GCG Members. There are items in the regular servers the rest of the time to catch.
My land is varied and it will take you a while to see it all. Come for a visit and pick a starting point.
I do hope you enjoy your visit, and that you will be so kind and to give me feedback on what you think. I am always open to ideas as well.
Thanks! Big hugs......Queen Tigerkitti Eberdene (aka...Tig)

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morganchaplin 3 months ago
Tig is one of the nicest and most generous and helpful ladies that I have had the pleasure of meeting. Her sims is awesome, she works so hard to build interesting and fun places, it goes on forever. Tig has some of the best I ideas to add in her builds. One of the best builders in the CGC.
thedeeferry 3 months ago
Friendly Nice people Big Nice place
Tigerkitti2014 5 months ago
Oh and sorry, I will not be changing the grid I am on. I LOVE The Great Canadian Grid. We have awesome people, no drama, great prices and an owner who is involved with everyone and cares. I was brought here to recreate my veteran's memorials from SL...and well, I stayed. GCG is my home...and home is where I am happy.
JimmyOlsen 5 months ago
I agree and this same person who complained and let a very rude comments at my page. Dude, u dont want leave any registration, so.. just dont come

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