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Dawn Universe
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SciFi Roleplaying region
Hangout in our many sci fi fantasy areas or Roleplay with us on Sundays.

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Copper 7 months ago
I like the sim and whats all build there and scripted. But I find it unfair that beacon always shows 3-4 avatars there 24/7. This aint possible and not true. Gave Xentor a newer beacon..But obviously its more important to show that traffic there that actualy isnt so. I like the work he and his partner puts in there, no doubt. But fairness is also a matter...
Such things I normaly know only from weirdo grids like sacrarium.. :-(
Xentor 7 months ago
I told you yet I can not replac it, because my partneress placed it and opened this page. I am not sure what happens when I replace it. I contacted the Terminal creator but he never returned with a reply to me.
Lunastra 7 months ago
I will replace it but it happens that rIght now we don't even have one in our region.
Xentor 11 months ago
I would like to know if there is interest of the Audience here, if we post dates of Roleplay Events here? Or if this is general not real of interest? I wanna say first, that in case of yes. The interested people should than too come 1 day earlier to have a talk with us about deeper explanations and character ect.....
But if there is not real interest we need not to do this.
Lunastra 11 months ago
Cannot use the "Like" that came with the Beacon because it sees the 'other' Dawn Universe that I accidentally made.
Copper 11 months ago
Since days I try to TP via metro grid...Always error: TP failed, Unable to verify identity! Is that grid / region HG enabled? Tried with not only one avatar....
Xentor 11 months ago
Yea the Sim exists and works, but Metropolis does not allow people to come from Discovery Grid to Metropolis and I guess the other way works not too. Eigther because a manual "block" or due a Grid incombatibility. And yes, our Sim is MG Connected.
Copper 11 months ago
I was asking metro admins..No grid is blocked from metro out.
Xentor 11 months ago
Tja but like you see we get visitors *points to the like of hat lady over there* So it can not be our fault.
Copper 11 months ago
Du bist doch mit deinem Metro account selbst mal dahin, nachdem du bei uns auf Gateway to the Stars warst. Also kann ich deiner Einladung von damals leider nicht folgen ;-)
coder 11 months ago
Metro hat doch mal wieder TP Probleme wie blöde...
Copper 9 months ago
Jiipppiiieee...Admins haben es scheinbar repariert: TP possible from Metropolis now! Tested today

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I have to admit to being a little slow on the uptake with this visit. I found a nicely designed space port at ground and didn't realise that there was a great deal more to the build than that, until I turned around and saw a large space vessel hovering over my head! One of the owners was just about ...
Great future-scapes. Visit planets, space stations or fly around in your own little ship. All sci fi regions in this grid are near each other, all friends that collaborate roleplaying and helping each other. This is the Vortex, once from SL and IW. Visit us even just to come say hello. Visitors v...
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