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A rural area mostly used for residential purposes while remaining open to the public for general exploration.

The popular Gatherings have returned to the Great Canadian Grid and come home to Silversmith Estates. A new Gathering circle has been established on the region of Corran, GCG, Winter Silversmith's home region.

Special thank you for your over MC$11,000 donations to the Agri-Fair. Your generousity helped to sponsor contests at this event and future events on the region. Thank you!

Special thank you to everyone who attended the 1st Annual Corran, GCG Agri-Fair this month.

The 1st Annual Corran, GCG Agri Fair is now over. Congrats to our contest winners. Special thank you to our sponsors and donations.

GCG members! Don't forget to enter the contests at the Agri-Fair for a chance to win over MC$2,000 in prizes! GCG registered members only (sorry hypergridders). All contests end June 29th! The 1st Annual Agri-Fair in Corran, GCG is presented by the Corran Journal.

Big changes to the farm were announced here:

Changes are coming to our little farm, as Winter sells the farmland to a corporation. I'll be writing an RP on it tonight so keep watching for changes here very soon.

Agri-Fair is on now! Over 3,000 prims have been allotted to this event that runs from June 1 to June 30, 2018. There are over MC$2,000 in prizes to be won (sorry GCG registered members only). Come out to the 1st annual agri-fair in GCG today!

Corran is hosting the 1st Annual Agri-Fair in GCG! The city of New Hope will have a 2,500 prim special event area filled with freebies promoting agriculture in the GCG.

Corran, GCG has rejoined Opensimworld to feature the latest edition to the region, Paisley Mills Farm, a part of the Satyr Farms collective of independently owned and operated farms across the OpenSim metaverse.

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Winter Silversmith 3 months ago
This area is under construction for the next week or so as we convert to a new scene. The small town is gone and we're going to have a few farms along a country road now. It will take me a bit of time to get it all back to normal but when it is we'll be open again to the public to explore (except my personal home of course, which will be marked with a private property sign).
Winter Silversmith 2 years ago
Great changes are underway in Corran. We have shifted away from the urban city design to a rural crossroads design inspired by real-life Grey County, Ontario, Canada. This project should take less than one more week to complete and then I will begin roleplay stories in the Corran Journal again.