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pheonixrenfold 3 months
sniks spinning her playlist right now if you wonna come join us Welcome
pheonixrenfold 3 months
Groundhog Day movie night
25th june 2019
9pm GMT (1pm PDT) Welcome

bring your own popcorn & beer...
pheonixrenfold 4 months
movie night .... 27th may .. Little shop of horrors .....
come along and join us for another monthly movie night @ snikygrid... costume optional , but food for Audrey compulsory...
pheonixrenfold 6 months
what a great turnout we had for our event ... same as snik thank you all for comming and making it a fun night.. hopefully we'l do it again next month.. watch this space
snik 6 months
Had an awesome time today at our recent event, good people, good times, thanks for your support :)
ChopsyB 6 months
Loved it Snik!!! best nite in ages!! Cant believe I never seen the bleddy movie! Was messaging you when i left but lovely HG was offlining you! But i got your IM :) love love loved it~! ELVIRA for the next??! :P
SusannaValeska 6 months
I have friends on this grid that I visit, but the last few times I have tried to visit, Firestorm crashes immediately. Also cannot find these friends on my friends' list anymore. Are you still open or did you make it a closed grid?
pheonixrenfold 6 months
hi Susanna, i'm sorry to hear you're having problems getting here we are still HG enabled.. have you tried visiting 1 of the other regions here? which friends are you looking for maybe i can help you..
try this and see if this works for you
SusannaValeska 6 months
I tried going to the Welcome region and also to Woody and Kemi Mcalpine's sim. We are friends from InWorldz. Just tried it again and crashed Firestorm again. This is weird. I tried with another avatar from another grid and it worked. Something with that avatar for some reason.
pheonixrenfold 6 months
il let kemi & woody know your looking for them.what grid are you on? i don't think its a FS thing as im using that myself.....meantime keep trying?
wicked 9 months
Great place but even better are the people of snikygrid. Always fun.
pheonixrenfold 8 months
awww .. thats sweet wicked, we love to have you pop over.. its the people that join us makes it so much fun
bettyfl 11 months
Great ,,Great ,,,Great
Joined a party there that was a great party without a doubt
I keep waiting for the next event, coming up soon !!
pheonixrenfold 6 months
poke poke.... rocky horror film night here tuesday ipm PST
pheonixrenfold 8 months
thank you bettyfl... we're working on the next 1 real soon and i'l be sure to let you know when

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