The Mine

The Mine
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Welcome to The Mine.
The Mine brings together in your SIM, leisure, relax, photo studio, a wonderful place for meditation, horses that you can walk alone or with your love and a great shopping for your purchases!
Have a good time!

Credits for ornamentation of the part of outer area of the mall: Simon Stick
Thank you Simon, for your contribution.

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If you shop one hour in the mine then you will have Xmas for the next 30 days ;p
Hi, I was there at "the Mine" earlier today shopping when all the sudden I was yanked clear across the sim...was bounced around by a security program for quite a while. I tried to TP out of the area but nothing worked until I finally logged off. As a result I'm now banned and I'm not exactly what...

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mia191 2 months ago
oq houve com a ilha? não consigo ir e esta off
Simona 2 months ago
Has undergone maintenance for improvements, is now online.
Passou por uma manutenção para melhorias, agora já está online
Tigerkitti2014 3 months ago
Love this place! Nicely done set up and great stuff to find.
Simona 2 months ago
thank you :)
MiaMarch 7 months ago
It's a wonderful place!
Many trees, flowers and nooks that enchant the eyes and heart.
A place that conveys a lot of peace.
I love to go and ride. There are horses for a couple!
Inside the mines ... ohhhh, they're mines of wonderful treasures!
You find everything, what your avatar needs: bodys, shapes, clothes, hair, houses, gardens, accessories. All of great quality!
TyphaineArtez 7 months ago
bye bye The Cave, long life to The Mine :)

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