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Welcome to Motorworld on the UKTurk grid, an entire region dedicated to transport with most items available for copy. A large selection of British, German, European and American vehicles as well as utility trucks and equipment. If you have any items that you would like to contribute please don't hesitate to get in touch. Thanks for visiting!

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111shawn 2 months ago
Best collection of virtual vehicles I've come across yet. I appreciate the time & effort it takes in collecting stuff,.and how more difficult it is getting in finding objects that are fully full permed, and yet the struggle continues. I've been looking for a sidecar for a motorcycle for way too long and today, thanks to you, I dont have to tear apart santa's sleigh to fabricate something I know would be ugly. Unfortunately again, it's not full permed and it's mesh, but hey, as long as the searchee is willing to just have it sit and look like a fancy motorcycle with sidecar, then I'm kinda good with that. :) Thank you Emerelda99. Also, the Music to Fly By stream is dead for OpenSim but still online for browser usage.... ... I'll be looking for a url for MFB that works inworld this week and let you know here if found. :) ... (more)
mikehart 3 months ago
Nice region. Noticed a few of my builds there too that I currently sell on Kitely.
Thanks for not selling them or giving them away for free.
Emerelda99 3 months ago
Hi Mike. We would never do that knowingly. Your builds were bought from your Kitely shop by the owner of our grid so we were careful to make sure that they were non copy. Thanks for visiting!

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