New Day Island

New Day Island
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Come and meet my new island island, a region made for you to have fun with friends, take beautiful photos and enjoy to have fun with balloon rides, or try to fly with the bird, you can also have fun fishing. For all the visitors I left pampering in the store of gifits, come check any one can visit. And if you like the grid offers free regions so you can put your home and enter this fun. I await everyone.

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julinha 4 days ago
waiting for the exchange of grid servers for this reason the island is offline
Destiny257Seranade 19 days ago
What a beautiful place! Well thought out to detail! Lots of time went into this build! Great Job!
julinha 14 days ago
Thank you, thank you for your compliments and the land is open for you to visit always.
rocapc 2 months ago
[18:31] Could not teleport.
Destination does not allow visitors from your world
julinha 2 months ago
hello, check if it is now regularized and give me a return for kindness
julinha 2 months ago
Really? I'll check what happens and return to you okay

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Destiny257Seranade julinha