Great Canadian
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Based on a RL northern norwegian city (same name) and way of life.
Enable windlight sky from your viewer for better experience!
Bellow, list of objects created or modified by me and offered for free and FULLPERM:

The best scripted so far found at OS. On this version new features have been added such as:
* BOINC enabled;
* Scoring combos as Three Pairs, Short and Full Straights, Double Triple and Full HChange SIM weather with a single click!
Make it rain or snow at your sim!
I do recommend a windlight sky set at sim for better effect.

2- SCANDINAVIAN FLORA HUD AND WEATHER SYSTEM (free and FULLPERM copy available!): Rez all sort of birches, conifers, shrubs, ferns, flowers and aquatic plants (*) allover your sim and change them all (seasons) with a single click on hud.
(*) not seasonal
Change SIM weather with a single click!
Make it rain or snow at your sim!

3- Stores with some nice mesh furnitures.

4- VIKING MUSEUM with all sort of furnitures and objects for scandinavian or GOR RPs all free and fullperm

Enjoy and wish you like my products :)

keywords: tromsø tromsoe norway norwegian norge noreg norsk scandinavia skandinavia sweden swedish sverige svensk svenska finland finnish suomi viking scandinavian bird nature pine tree pinetree conifer birch larch tree plant plants flower flowers birds rocks mountains fiords fjords forest hedge skog lighthouse beacon HUD flora residential northern lights aurora borealis weather rain snow seagulls boat ship yatch plane airplane bus car car vehicle helicopter free freebies furnitures bathroom living room dinning room decor lamp fish fisk aquarium laks salmon arctic museum pole explorer south north greedy game table

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Speed Design Fun Accuracy

I tried 8 times from Osgrid and i couldnt get in PowerOf Green ?? i really wanted to see it looks amazing

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PowerOfGreen 4 days ago
What a beautiful place!!! thank you for this. I rode around on the motorcycle saw everything.
PowerOfGreen 4 days ago
im here looking for Greedy table and stuff yaaaay
JimmyOlsen 4 days ago
Have fun :)
111shawn 18 days ago
Well Jimmy, at least we can keep in touch here in OpenSimWorld since yer grid is doin that new Europen law junk. Ive been out of touch, due to the account that I have you as a contact in in world has been kaput a few times these past weeks and I don't have yer name in my Metropolis account. Just another time thing. :) I wanted you to know that requested tutorial vid on how to find a strem url from a website is still in my head every day and coming soon in a few days. Thanks for Tromso. :)
JimmyOlsen 15 days ago
I noticed many IMs sent to my friends from other grids are not working properly..Something going wrong with intergrid connections lately ;/
PowerOfGreen 23 days ago
I tried 8 times from Osgrid and i couldnt get in PowerOf Green ?? i really wanted to see it looks amazing
JimmyOlsen 23 days ago
Hi. Did u choose 2nd option as it says from Hypergriders at GCG? I ve just tested it from an alt i have from kitely grid and it worked all fine.
Try on this link:
SpaxOrion 24 days ago
Looks like GCG is requiring registrations from HG visitors in order to enter your region. I had to register twice before it would let me gain access. If you notice HG traffic dropping Jimmy, you might want to mention that to your grid operator.
JimmyOlsen 23 days ago
Yeah, sorry.. its a mandatory thing to all commercial grids i presume. its about the new european privacy laws i presume.and before u ask me "wth i have to do with Europe"? well, there s no way to know who comes to GCG is from Europe or not, unfortunately.. About registration itself. i have tested with my alt from Kitely grid and it worked all fine.. Yeah i know its kinda annoying to do to just visit a sim. but it will be done just once and will be valid to all GCG sims...
LouCypher 2 months ago
great ...
JimmyOlsen 2 months ago
:) Hi Lou.. Have u ever talked to "Jan Larssen"? lolol
111shawn 3 months ago
Hi Jimmy, Thanks for stopping by OSWRS(OpenSimWorkingRadioStreams). I went back to Tromso just now before I saw yer last comment here. And in rereading MY last comment about my last visit, I had seen I gave yer region a like due to you having music and me not hearing commercials, which wasn't the case this go around, which is on OSWRS and not you.. You have a very nice reel to reel radio that only you can operate, and stuck on Beatles stuff & commercials and station identifications. That particular stream was short lived in the OSWRS stream list just for that reason, and it was replaced with another beatles stream.... ... (more)
JimmyOlsen 3 months ago
Will send u a copy asap I log in then :) and all objects will be sent fullperm
KrypticKayos 3 months ago
The people were friendly. The detail and ambiance was very impressive. Loved going there. Even had a few great free items that were quality. I will definitely recommend and go again and again.

Ty Jimmy Olsen
JimmyOlsen 3 months ago
Thx, Kryptic.. Hope to see u again on Discord and play Greedy hehehehe
Morgenstern 3 months ago
Awesome cool region! Super accuracy and a lot of fine systems and good stuff. Looks like serious professional works here. So empressive!
JimmyOlsen 3 months ago
Hi, Morgenstern. The new Rain/snow HUD is available at freebie store. Cya soon :)
JimmyOlsen 3 months ago
Glad u liked. BTW u have improved the car rezzer from my sim, they stay inworld for 10 min now and Will offer soon a snow rain system HUD, just need fix some few glitches though. Hope to see you there againv
111shawn 3 months ago
When getting stuff around the metaverse I have found it less time consuming with right click and "take copy" than with the "buy" option that many seem to love. When I got home I set out my new acquisitions (birds&rain) only to get the proverbial "nanner nanner, fooled you, you aint got 10 whatthefrickevers" . :) :) :). oh well, I'll learn to not ever "buy" eventually. :) Gave the place a like cuz it did have something to hear while I was there besides commercials.
JimmyOlsen 3 months ago
Hello, 111shawn.
1- About option how to copy objects i set it to both ways but the vendors. I noticed that "buying for zero $" option is more intuitive for many though.
2- Never folled anyone about it offered there, it`s all free and people get a copy or not. I have another proverbial: Never look a gift horse in the mounth

3- Despite all, glad u liked my SIM and btw, I grabbed some nice mesh radio set equipments from a Russian grid, it might interest u, drop me an IM if u want a copy.

Mike_37uk 3 months ago
Very nice to see Norway in opensim. This is a good build with some very good use of textures and tastefully presented with a very cool Scandinavian feel. Definitely worth a visit. I like this place.
JimmyOlsen 3 months ago
Glad u enjoyed my work, hope to see u there again soon. Vi snakkes :)
PamellaEaston 3 months ago
Amazing landscape, perfect to take pictures!
The few freebies are high-quality mesh!
JimmyOlsen 3 months ago
Glad u liked SIM. Hope to u see u soon again :)
Bonnie 3 months ago
Great place to visit very nice freebies. Unique sim wide rain rezzer.
JimmyOlsen 3 months ago
Glad u liked freebies. I collect them allover the grids, just the good and low prim as possible ones. most of time i add sit pose, lamps scripts. Hope soon get more stuffs to offer there. And will soon work at new flora hud, this time for ferns /shrubs.
iekocatnap 4 months ago
nice land, thank you for free items.
JimmyOlsen 4 months ago
Hi, there is a new version from Flora HUD
JimmyOlsen 4 months ago
Glad u liked them :)
plastichansa 4 months ago
Good sim, congratulations.
JimmyOlsen 3 months ago
u are welcome :) Hope to see u soon. Have just set a car rezzer at my sim.. Come to check it out :)
JimmyOlsen 4 months ago
Hi, there is a new version of the Flora hud flower
JimmyOlsen 4 months ago
thx :)

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