Carnelian Bay

Region News

Tigerkitti Eberdene just created great new skates for Rockin' Roller, they can be found at the Skate Rental counter, free to copy and full perms! AO included in box, full perms! Grab a pair and practice at the rink so that you can be ready for the 80's skate party on March 8th, 3 PM GCG time!
We are excited to announce the Rockin' Roller rollerskating rink is now OPEN!!
Come by today and pick up your skates and AO at the skate rental, so that you can modify the colors to be whatever you like!! We made them with great neon laces and wheels, but you may want to modify to your own colors. You can also customize your AO to add more trix, it is full permissions. You may want to set your graphics settings to allow Advanced Lighting, then set light to night time, so everything is bright and glowing!! It is going to be a great time! We will see you there!!