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Caprica City. Residental for Cylons. One of the twelve colonies of Cobol.

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111shawn 2 months ago
Also, do OpenSim a favor, and copy and paste the following into this region page details box... dj, radio,club,gear,music,dance,full permissions,free .... and subtract or add any other words that are distinct to yer region. That way, if we forget where we found a certain thing when it comes up missing, we can type one of those words in the region search and yer region will show in the multitude of results for those particular words. :)
Touche 2 months ago
When we finish building the region, we will certainly fulfill your wish and add complete information about the region here. Thanks for the feedback, we are very pleased to see your comments!
111shawn 2 months ago
Thanks to Jimmy Olsen from the Norwegian place ... ..... in making found full permed object contributions to .... ..... I found Caprica which is a treasure trove of dj & club gear which adds to the OSWRS collection. PLUS it turned me on to a new found dance stream that is hopefully commercial free and addable to the OSWRS list, have a listen... . .... Thanks Touche. :) BTW, I switched the region stream to smooth jazz with no way of being able to set it back to yer stream. :)
Touche 2 months ago
Thank you very much for the visit and feedback!
All that you see in the region is absolutely free for all residents of the Opensim. Our online radio was created specifically for the virtual worlds Second Life and Opensim. We just started building Caprica grid. In the future there will be more DJ equipment and clubwear.
JimmyOlsen 2 months ago
All to O.S citizens :>)

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New item in the dj shop: scripted dj openstage with lights, audiostream scripts, NPC's and more.
2 months ago - 0 comments
Caprica grid @ DISCORD:
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