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Peace Region provides three venues of music from live performers to awesome Dj's.
Peace Saloon
Peace Beach
Peace Pavilion
Weekly events every Monday, Tuesday and Saturday. The Encore Escape is growing and events are growing. This is the place you should be checking out.
Stores are available for the shoppers with mesh clothes of varieties and always taking orders for custom clothes. Come take a look :)

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Copper 4 months ago
Seems as if also this grid didnt understand the new EU law , as many american grids! There is NO need to have a confirmation to HG gridders to accept any TOS regarding privacy confirmations. EU law only says that people can ask admins #1 what is saved, #2 to alter saved datas, and #3 to to ask admins to delete. This is all! Those confirmations only mean that de facto free HG grid jumps arent possible anymore. And SL and others clap hands that free grid travel aint possible anymore. So..Admins..Please think what you are doing.
Bonnie 4 months ago
If you tap on the link the comes with the notice you are not allowed to enter you can fill out and accept TOS. I just saw that. Hope this helps.
CountryBob 5 months ago
What a PLACE, Live music, a nice beach layout,tribute area,skating area,and a COOL country saloon.

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