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New Eros Welcome Center
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Your first stop on your exploration of Eros Resort. Helpful instructions for first time opensim users. Ports to other Eros Resort Venues. Eros Resort is an Adult oriented grid and as such does not permit the use of child avatars anywhere on the grid. If you have any questions any one of the staff will be glad to answer them for you.

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Sexxyladie 2 years
Respect earned is respect given and vice versa.... anyone coming to Eros Resort, if they are not in accordance with the rules will be asked nicely to change ... we treat everyone equally
TrizzyHunter 2 years
The Group is not "Kid" oriented it is aimed at Adults who enjoy Country Music and love their country sorry if you are beyond this understanding. Eros as stated above is an adult grid that doesn't permit the use of child avatars plain and simple. If anyone would like to enquire as to why please contact any one of the staff.
Sexxyladie 2 years
Check out Eros Resort!

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This is a great place to hang out and meet new people. Weekly events are awesome with great dj and great giveaways I highly recommend having a look around.
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