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Region News

JaniaCleanslate | July 16, 2018, 00:12 | 0 comments
The Social Mouse Welcome area has been revamped with freebies:-) and free shops available to the resident's right in the welcome area :-)

Please enjoy freebie and OpenSim fishing Over 100G on for Gold winner! plus many other gifts and prizes.
JaniaCleanslate | June 18, 2018, 18:07 | 0 comments
The Social Mouse Grid is now giving away free Regions to Club Owners who host events on the grid. If you have other activities you would like land to host them on, let us know BUT once the land in world is gone it is gone. Good Luck!

Further detail in world see you there !
JaniaCleanslate | March 13, 2018, 15:32 | 0 comments
The Social Mouse is Looking to Hire YOU!

Positions Available :


*Blogger/Web Content Manager

* Social Media Manager

*Program Director

*Activities Coordinator

All Positions Comes with Stipend/or pay (Gloebits /in world Currency )- Performance-Based Raises and Benefit Packages

Please Message Social Mouse Directly for more information
JaniaCleanslate | March 1, 2018, 22:05 | 0 comments
Today Is Sign up for Random RolePlay !

We are developing our Medieval Sim and we need YOUR help!

If anyone LOVES Roleplaying in the Medieval period, We have a wonderful place waiting for you!

If you are interested in living in a medieval sim Please me Kal Silverfall or Social Mouse
JaniaCleanslate | March 1, 2018, 21:55 | 0 comments
Looking for ppl who want to roleplay Medieval RPG, we have Free areas available for you to live! please PM Social Mouse in the world - Must remain in period character
JaniaCleanslate | February 26, 2018, 15:26 | 0 comments
Social Mouse Weekly Schedule

Monday: Open Discussion 3-5 pm pst

Tuesday : Random Movie / costume 3-6pm

Wednesday: Random Greedy 5-8pm win 50g

Thursday : Random Role Play 3-8pm

Friday : Random Club Night 3-5pm 7-9pm

Saturday: Mixer, meet & greet night 5-7pm

Sunday: Reflection - Yoga, quiet time, all day
JaniaCleanslate | January 18, 2018, 15:14 | 1 comments
Move on over to the Social Mouse from ANY competitors grid get your 1st monthly Tier for 5.00 USD per region with 20k prims and its 10.00 USD After that! When you come in look for Social Mouse!
JaniaCleanslate | January 9, 2018, 19:04 | 0 comments
The Social Mouse Scheduled Maintenance is over! Thank you for your time and patience!
JaniaCleanslate | January 9, 2018, 15:59 | 0 comments
The Social Mouse will be down for a scheduled maintenance on the servers on 1/09/2018

Sorry for any inconvenience this will cause.