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The welcome area of The Social Mouse!

We Offer Free Land to Creators and Builders .. Also Free Land to residents in our free neighborhoods. Free Land is Limited and is on a first come first serve basis - see you in the world

We are Gloebits enabled for Land sales!

The Social Mouse Grid Welcomes all, We have areas that are G rated - and some that are Mature or Adult. Children avatars are welcome in the appropriate areas (G rated). We welcome all mini communities from Vampires, Families, Furries, and everything under the sun. The Social Mouse Mission is to create an environment that not only fosters creativity but also fosters Role Playing and a Community like a feel. Here at The Social Mouse, our grid is a family of its own.

In order to join this grid please check our website:

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KrypticKayos 5 months ago
Though I have not been shopping at this grid. I do know it has a million things on it that are very nicely crafted and designed. Very well organized and creatively done. I really liked the grid. I am not a resident but i know i am able to create in their sandbox :).
JaniaCleanslate 6 months ago
Grid is still under construction - but our arms are open and we are running on Microsoft Servers ;-) - We are gloebits enabled
agsalfi 5 months ago
I have many items from other grids. so this really isn't the case. You can bring items in nothing to stop you.

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The Social Mouse Grid is now giving away free Regions to Club Owners who host events on the grid. If you have other activities you would like land to host them on, let us know BUT once the land in world is gone it is gone. Good Luck! Further detail in world see you there !
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The Social Mouse is Looking to Hire YOU! Positions Available : *Mentor *Blogger/Web Content Manager * Social Media Manager *Program Director *Activities Coordinator All Positions Comes with Stipend/or pay (Gloebits /in world Currency )- Performance-Based Raises and Benefit Packages Please Message Social Mouse Directly for more information
3 months ago - 0 comments
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