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Tranquility Welcome...the place to start, starter avis, freebies, free homes for new residents at Paradise Island. Land for sale/rent up to 4x4 VAR regions. https://tranquilityvirtual.info/ FULL REGIONS START FROM $3.OO PER MONTH !! We can even drop raw terrain files for you to quickly terraform land right away (so far single regions and 2x2 terrain files).

Tranquility Grid lives up to its name....we have no, and will accept NO DRAMA! It is a peaceful grid with great people, clubs, malls and some great new places to explore alone, or with your partner!
Come join the only true peaceful grid!

Check out tutorial videos at:

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This is our Winter Magic region where it is Winter all year round. It is set to adult most of the year but it will be made Moderate for Christmas events. Youc an come hang out whenever you want there with your friends or alone :D
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LouCypher 2 months ago
Seems a nice price ... wait 256 square meters is only 16mx16m am i wrong??
Nancy 7 months ago
WOW! Amazing design of the place so relaxing and nice people here so helpful and friendly.
SamsaraTimeless 8 months ago
Great new welcome in the nicest grid ever. really easy for new members to find everything they might need and everyone is wonderfully friendly. Love It.
Pentagon 8 months ago
Wonderful Grid and people here. ... Always a pleasure visiting !!
Dante 11 months ago
Love this grid. Folks are friendly and very welcoming. Lots of fun at the events. If you're looking for a place to call home, and actually *feel* like you belong, then this is the place for you. The Owners are great folks that actually care about their grid and more so about the people on it - a rare thing to find in the virtual universe.
J.Janeway 1 years ago
Talk about a place full of kind and wonderful people, truly is amazing, am happy I am here and apart of the wonderful grid :)
SteampunkSiouxsin 1 years ago
AnnieMoore 1 years ago
My Home away from home! FIVE STARS! $9.00 a month for a region or $3.00 a month for a quarter sim! OMG so affordable!
thorgythor 2 years ago
A home away from home for trans people! This is BEAUTIFUL!
spottydog 2 years ago
Thank you for your kind words, please come back soon
djwolfmanjoe 2 years ago
NICE and friendy ppl there host's good partys and contests
Maddie 2 years ago
I Spend some time there people friendly and very cool staffing Home for newbie are nice car wash its very neat Place to hang. name it they seem to have it all in one place Price are nice for land etc. Top Hat really is to neat to see and shop owner are there too . Thank you Tranquility for a peaceful and fun place to be .
Cataplexia 2 years ago
Brand new grid run by dear friends of mine- expect lot of cool events, fun and friends here, very newbie friendly with freebies & housing etc. can't wait to see more! I am doing an event @ Car Wash Club there tonight 1/18 @ 5 PM, come join us!
DJ Cataplexia Numbers will be live @ The Car Wash Club on the brand New Tranquility Grid at 5 PM Grid Time (GMT)

Playing an eclectic mix of dance-able tunes to bubble your bumpers by! Come join me, dress is casual and fun!
dragonfist.osgrid 2 years ago
This is a great place, with great people and there's always good times.. :-)
Aquarius 2 years ago
Indeed a great Place to be. Great Entertainment providers have become known for great dj's and live singers as well as shopping areas. Professional staff and they even have regions and all that jazz I have mine already with them :D
Jadore 2 years ago
Great Place for Peace of mind and harmony, or calm and quiet and to have fun Let Tranquility is the place to be come Join us .

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Been around virtual worlds a long time, but Tranquility is the place I wanna be. Great owners, awesome residents and fantastic clubs and tunes. This is a place that you really can call home and feel like you actually belong. Zero drama, zero bullshit, with 100% fun.
Fantastic Grid run by people who actually care. So friendly and welcoming.
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