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IMAinfo1 | November 29, 2017, 17:44 | 0 comments
Plastichansa Bade dropped off two gifts for Christmas that inspired decorating the region for the holidays. Feel free to drop by anytime! Every Wednesday and Friday we have public meetings and get togethers in this region. Today, we have a meeting scheduled for 4:30 pm Eastern Time. Please join us!

Here is the IMA Event Calendar with all our meeting times and locations (subscribe in the lower right corner of the calendar to automatically convert to your time zone and get reminders):
IMAinfo1 | November 27, 2017, 20:02 | 0 comments
TeamIMA (the IMA Outpost Alpha group) can now contribute to the effort in the new Farm Zone thanks to Satyr and help from Timber Wolfe! A dedicated Farm Zone parcel has been deeded to the group so join up to have some fun :) WARNING: it's addictive!

The preliminary planting is done, trees are in, water systems are in, and we have a goat couple and a reindeer couple to get started - more to come but please do not plant outside of the dedicated dirt plat to keep the region performing well for everyone!
IMAinfo1 | November 27, 2017, 19:58 | 0 comments
The region now has a new Zombie Zone! Avatars can hunt and shoot zombies 24/7 without needing a HUD or extensive weapons thanks to some modifications of the Zombie Kit from Ares Halostar. Be careful - errant shots at you by other avatars hunting will result in health damage that could teleport you home anywhere on the Hypergrid if you don't stay clear of the line of fire. :)