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This sim is under construction. The sim mission is to serve opensim providing MASS DISTRIBUTION of NEW resources and content to expand builders creativity. Everything is and will be FREE and full perms, take a copy or buy for zero. Enjoy!
We have ZERO TOLERANCE for drama both inworld or in social media.

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Now Available in all Freebie Shops Free and Full perms to all Opensim Grids, Enjoy :-) Release Locations: SACRARIUM Harbor Conglomerate
9 days ago - 0 comments
Now Available in all Freebie Shops Free and Full perms to all Opensim Grids, Enjoy :-) Release Locations: SACRARIUM Harbor Conglomerate
9 days ago - 0 comments
Now Available in all Freebie Shops Free and Full perms to all Opensim Grids, Enjoy :-) Release Locations: SACRARIUM Harbor Conglomerate
9 days ago - 0 comments
Now Available in all Freebie Shops Free and Full perms to all Opensim Grids, Enjoy :-) Release Locations: SACRARIUM Harbor Conglomerate
9 days ago - 0 comments

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scherzbold 20 days ago
Just great. Thank you
Thank you Scherzbold :)
mikehart 2 months ago
Does anyone have a copy of the Roma II Mansion that rezzes OK.
I would love to own a copy but cannot get it to rez when I get back to my Grid.
LyudmilaPavlichenko 2 months ago
Hi Mike send me a note with your UUID i will try to send it from another grid
Latisha_Jones 2 months ago
My grid does not allow travel to Sacrarium, nor does my grid permit import of certain content.

This is what I do and is entirely up to you:
I create an avatar on an unlocked grid where I know I can travel freely. I make friends with my newly created avatar.
Said new avatar travels freely. Content that may be restricted by my grid is renamed to something I know accurately represents the item without the "cursed label" so to speak. Then shared between friends from inventory.

This is all seems a little hokey pokey but why grids fight over travel restrictions is beyond me. I thought OpenSim=Open Source. Maybe I am just naive, but that is what it means to me.
Sobriety.Sux 2 months ago
I am not finding fault or trying to start any issue, but why would you continue to stay in such a confining environment? I am just curious and others may be as well.
lllMoon 2 months ago
cause they hate latin people!
LyudmilaPavlichenko 2 months ago
WTF? lol Why are you spreading racist hate? I'm Latin lolol
Latisha_Jones 2 months ago
Lucky for me I just logged in to see this!

I do not own land in the referenced grid but live in a community of friends where one does own (rent) land. My friends along with our happy existence is all that is really important to me. We just happen to be located in this "environment" as you call it.
We could just as easily relocate elsewhere but that is major anxiety for me and my inventory.
I see your question as non offensive and very deserving a straight answer. Peace be with you Sobriety!
LyudmilaPavlichenko 2 months ago
:( Sad situation and not good for Opensim and Hypergrid enthusiasts, We should build less walls and build more bridges, In Opensim to have more accounts in different grids is like having a RL Swiss passport we can travel anywhere, more and more people find that everyday and they are free no matter ho many bans few grids make. Grid Owners find that everyday bans make residents unhappy, no bans make happy residents. one way or another the resident will find if the grid owner lie to him or not :-)
Latisha_Jones 2 months ago

I totally agree with you 100% but my situation is outlined in a reply to Sobriety.Sux, so in keeping it brief, I do not even know who owns the grid where I live and could care less who it is or is not! I have nothing to do with grid owners or their minion and stay a distance from them :-)
TY TY TY I love The Harbor!
StepanVolkov 2 months ago
Thx Latisha!
mikehart 2 months ago
I have tried twice now to take a copy of the Roma II Mansion House. The main box rezzes OK when I get back to my Grid, but the item inside the box when I try to rez I get an error saying the assets cannot be found. I was wondering if it might be a permissions problem leaving The Harbor.
LyudmilaPavlichenko 2 months ago
One way or another you will have that house in your grid i can assure that, please add me inworld :)
mikehart 2 months ago
Hi Lyudmila
Thanks for the reply.
I have added you in world at The Harbor.
mikehart 2 months ago
Fantastic model of the Lambourghini Veneno.
LyudmilaPavlichenko 2 months ago
Ty Mike we still need it in more colors ;)
logansryche 2 months ago
Thanks for helping to keep OpenSim free for content - The Fur Valleys
LyudmilaPavlichenko 2 months ago
Ty Logan :) I also want to thank all Sacrarium team as also people from all grids that work so hard and give us more content so we can share with all Opensim community together we are push progress in all Opensim, it's a new world :-)
johnnyNight 4 months ago
cool place but tryd to come look again can not get in
LyudmilaPavlichenko 2 months ago
Hi Johnny best way to bypass bans is to come from another grid and with another account to teleport just paste in your viewer map Harbor or
LoganHunter 6 months ago
Congratulations on your Lyudmila attitude, it is unfortunate that other grids do not open their doors so we can reach The Harbor.
LyudmilaPavlichenko 6 months ago
Ty for your feedback Logan, we must stay positive, almost everybody in the comunity has a alt account to get sacrarium last content, more alt accounts means more distribution for more grids, so we keep serving ALL Opensim grids but in a more efficent way :)

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This big sim is amazing you can buy for zero all the top stuff that you see can take hours, you will not find much inside the shops but all you see there is ultra new it's one of my favorites too
This sim is so amazing and shares so many nice stuff i'm speechless. Thank you great work!
One of the best sims i've seen so far with selected and updated content all for free.
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